Installation, Upgrade, and Migration

By: Buda Consulting  06-Dec-2011
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Need a new Oracle RAC installation?  Need to upgrade to 11g?  Need to migrate from SQL Server to Oracle, or from Oracle to SQL Server? Too busy or reluctant to do it yourself?

Call us for expert installations, upgrades or migrations of your databases.

We carefully develop an upgrade plan for your specific environment and work with you to ensure a trouble free install, upgrade, or migration. Most upgrade or install failures are simply due to a lack of planning or carefully following instructions. Our systematic approach reduces unexpected problems and results in a fast, efficient operation.


Oracle Installation: Database, RAC, Data Guard SQL Server Installation: Database, Log Shipping, Replication MySQL Installation: Database, clustering, replication
Oracle Upgrade: Any Version to 10g or 11g SQL Server Upgrade: Any version to 2008R2 MySQL Upgrade: Any version to 5.6
Oracle Migration: Any Versions SQL Server Migration: Any Versions MySQL Migration: Any Versions

Our Process

  • Before we start
    • Confirm that a test plan and test resources have been created and identified.
    • Evaluate changes in functionality and work with your developers to identify any version dependencies within your application.
    • Obtain the proper installation media and ensure that the proper executables are present.
    • Research known issues when upgrading between the specific versions involved.
    • For upgrades and migrations, ensure full backups of both data and software folders have been taken
    • Confirm that all required operating system patches and other prerequisites have been applied or otherwise met.
  • During the operation
    • Perform and log each step of the vendor-supplied install or upgrade instructions.
    • Track and record any errors or unusual conditions.
    • At completion, evaluate errors and decide whether to proceed or correct errors and start over.
  • After completion
    • Execute test plans
    • Document and Present Findings

Our extensive experience in performing installs, upgrades, and migrations, and our systematic approach to the process, allows us to anticipate problems before they occur and substantially reduce the risk of problems during the operation.

Let us perform your database install, upgrade, or migration for you and rest assured you will have a successful outcome and comprehensive documentation of the operation.

Keywords: Sql Server

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