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By: Bt Diamond Ip  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Security, Automated Planning

Whether you are a federal, state or local agency, recent changes in the U.S. economy and national security have affected the way you design, deliver and monitor your networks. The deployment of new technologies to support agency specific requirements, like Network Mobility (NEMO), Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) and the deployment of DNSSEC and IPv6 technology, increase the complexity of IPv4/IPv6 address management, DHCP and DNS services configuration and address change management. In addition to these operational challenges, agencies must adhere to strict budgets, rigorous security standards and transparent operating procedures.

Centralized Control


By centralizing and automating your IPAM, DNS, DNSSEC and DHCP inventory, configuration and management functions, you benefit from a single, holistic perspective across your entire IP network. IPControl Sapphire enables you to manage your IPv4 and IPv6 address space together, as well as signed and unsigned domain space. This simplifies the deployment of DNSSEC initially for external zones while allowing eventual DNSSEC deployment for internal zones as well. From an IP address security perspective, IPControl's multilayer discovery process enables security managers to validate NAC admission policies and investigate security alerts for rogue devices. Our pre-set configurations reduce manual intervention errors, enable the rapid reconfiguration of servers, improve system security and reduce service outages.

Auditing and Reporting

Our centralized platform simplifies IPAM, DNS, DHCP management and provides automated planning and reporting features to set configurations, monitor performance and reconcile exceptions. Audit reporting promotes accountability through historical tracking of administrators, subnets, devices, IP addresses, DNS resource records and containers. Our streamlined system reporting provides the necessary tools to gain greater insight and improved control over your IP network.

Seamless IPv6 Migration

As the first company to fully integrate IPv4/IPv6 IPAM, we have built a platform that helps our clients seamlessly transition from one technology to the other. We provide a complete, top-down solution for managing IPv4/IPv6 address assignment to allocation/reallocation, pool monitoring and utilization tracking and creation and deployment of multi-vendor DNS/DHCP configurations. Enhanced planning and reporting capabilities allow you to effectively manage your current addressing requirements, while simultaneously planning for a smooth transition to IPv6. With our extensive experience and IPv6 expertise we have developed numerous resources to help your agency successfully prepare, plan and execute your IPv6 transition strategy.

Cost of Ownership

Affordably priced, our high-performance IPAM products help you increase productivity through enhanced planning and reporting capabilities and patent-pending control features. Our award-winning technology fully integrates with your existing DNS and DHCP environment, supporting a multi-vendor environment (ISC DHCP, BIND 8 or 9 DNS), as well as providing a seamless transition from IPv4 to IPv6. This superior level of integration and flexibility makes operations, migrations and staff training requirements easier to administer and protects your existing investment. These benefits combine to produce a ROI of 150+%.

Keywords: Automated Planning, Security,

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