wireless scoring solutions for bridge

By: Bridgemate  06-Dec-2011
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The standard in scoring

The Bridgemate wireless scoring system is an advanced system to simplify and speed up the collection of results of your bridge sessions. It consists of small electronic handheld devices, called Bridgemates, on which players enter information during play. Wireless radio transmission is used for direct transmission of the board results to the computer. A special receiver picks up the data and stores it in a database. The results are then available for a to process them.

Quick and easy input

The Bridgemate has a keyboard with large keys which makes it easy to use for people of all ages. All buttons have a clear indication of their function, and make it therefore easy to understand. The display uses large characters to show the text.

Verification reduces error to a minimum

At every session, the Bridgemate uses session-specific information about the movement used, sit-outs, pair numbers, etc. This information is created by the scoring program. Using this information, it is able to register the scores for the correct pairs to which the scores belong. Classic errors like wrongly written scores on the score sheet now belong in the past.

Flexible to meet your requirements

Besides entering board results in the Bridgemate, it is also capable of capturing the member numbers and the lead card. If your players have a unique member number, they can enter it in the Bridgemate at the beginning of the session. The scoring program will pick them up and register the player names automatically from the member database. Entry of lead card is recommended when you want the players to have a better assessment of other players' results. The lead card reveals a lot about the board result. Both entry of member numbers and lead card are optional.

More information for your players

More flexibility is given by different kind of feedback that the Bridgemate can show to your players. After the result has been entered, the Bridgemate will show the score achieved from this result (e.g. 4H by North results in +420 or +620 - the system knows the vulnerability of each board). Furthermore, players can get instant feedback on their result compared to the other results from previous rounds. A percentage will be shown on the display and indicates how good (or bad) their result is.
As well as the percentage, previous results can be listed from the best N/S score to the worst. The result from your round is indicated with an asterisk. Of course, these results can never be requested before the board has been played. Again, both are optional and can be set freely. If playing with 2 or more sections, the % is calculated over all the sections and the list of previous results is taken from all sections. Of course, with a traveller, you only see the results for your section.

Functionality for the tournament director

The TD has a special key which provides him with additional features. Using this key, the TD can request at any time an overview of results entered, erase any result, etc. It ensures that the TD keeps control over the scores at any time.

Data security

Data is transmitted using strong encryption. This prevents unauthorized people to capture crucial scoring data.

Two versions: scoring and recording

The Bridgemates comes in two versions: a and a . The scoring version is used to collect the board results and lead card only. The recorder version is used to register the complete bidding and play, in most cases done by a fifth person at the table. The software will be available mid-2006.

Keywords: Lead Card, Scoring Program, Wireless Scoring,