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The Sshhmute is the only practice mute I have tried that does not completely wreck my chops. Until I received your mute, I had given up using practice mutes altogether. While on tour, I would rather play into a pillow than use a practice mute that would alter my sense of resistance and pitch. The Sshhmute keeps the pitch well and plays with a tolerable amount of resistance. It plays so well that I've already used it in performance at the MET to help with an uncomfortably soft low register flutter-tongue passage. More importantly, living in an apartment building in New York City, this mute affords me the luxury of practicing late or early without disturbing my neighbors. Thank you for your wonderful mute.

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As well as having less resistance, practically speaking it can be taken anywhere you go allowing you to keep up your practice wherever you may be. PAULA RUSSELL - NEW ZEALAND SOLO CHAMPION 2009, NEW ZEALAND SLOW MELODY CHAMPION 2009, AUSTRALIAN CORNET CHAMPION 2009, ERN KELLER INTERNATIONAL. The Bremner sshhmute mute is a fantastic piece of kit that is completely indispensible to me. A fantastic resource for any brass musician.