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By: Breakthrough Coaching  06-Dec-2011
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Hello my name is Justin Cunningham.

In the past I struggled, I made mistakes and failed to see what I needed to do to go to the next level in my business and life. I needed a new un-biased educated perspective. I finally accepted i needed some support. I got a consulation with a coach and the revelation that I was on the right path with a few adjustments and with support for my journey freed me from my self imposed judgement. I felt relief- finally.

I was so inspired I dedicated myself to helping others.

I became an internationally certified instructor in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) focusing on strategies for success. This new understanding combined with my 21 years of managing and operating businesses has given me an opportunity to support others, and I love it.

If you need a new unbiased educated perspective on your business, please read on for how Breakthrough Coaching can support you


 A few problems my clients face:

  • Understanding the unconscious block that is holding them back from their true potential

  • Understanding difference is not a problem, it is an opportunity for new growth

  • Facing the fear that holds them back from acting on their excellence

  • Learning the skills to get results in partnerships and to create win/win situations

  • Improving the value of your business to customers, so they pay willingly

We all want better and greater results.

You know there must be another way to improve results.

Well ,you are right. From studying leading thought leaders in business, entrepreneurship as well as various techniques to train the brain I have compiled a plethora of techniques to reveal your potential and the techniques to fulfill it.

These techniques will change your thinking, your results, and your life. If you would like to improve your results please take me up on my golden opportunity.

Contact Justin today for a FREE business results consultation valued at $197 and he will give you a professional website appraisal valued at $97 also

Client Feedback

"I contacted Justin after I began to experience a good deal of conflict in a work environment in which I had previously excelled…
Justin began by addressing my style of communication which at that point had become pretty negative and defensive; and in doing so helped to me see what it was that I was contributing to maintaining the situation.  In addition to which he also helped me to see that situation was made somewhat worse by cultural differences between myself and the principals of the organisation. After some discussion I came to the conclusion (with Justin’s help) that I was holding on to the situation in an effort to make it better by fundamentally changing who I was in order to fit in instead of accepting that there was mismatch between myself and the organisation.
… I went to my next position with a very positive attitude about the future and have thrived in my new job. "


Senior Project Manager

"Justin has done a remarkable job of helping me redirect my thinking.

With his help I realised that control comes from considering what I want and need in my life and then regularly monitoring my own planning and acting."



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Keywords: Breakthrough Coaching

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