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By: Breakthrough Coaching  06-Dec-2011

Welcome to the Authentic Excellence support centre.

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Here are the profiling links from the first report:

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Reveal the aspirations that drove you to seek support on your journey and then form a strategic, supportive plan that will enable you to grow and find the beliefs that are holding you back from your natural potential. Taking sales teams from focusing on weekly pay cheques, to delivering excellence with behavioural training, technique workshops and tool development for ongoing success.


Business coaching for people who seek more than the norm

After some discussion I came to the conclusion that I was holding on to the situation in an effort to make it better by fundamentally changing who I was in order to fit in instead of accepting that there was mismatch between myself and the organisation.


Coaching services – Relationships

We make rash decisions, behave poorly, act out and lower ourselves to a level we don’t in hindsight appreciate. How can we find the plug on this emotional container to relieve the situation.