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By: Bradbury Park  06-Dec-2011


Bradbury Park prepares Yearlings, Mares & Weanlings and sell a draft at the Ready to Run sale.

Casey and Michelle are very keen to take the right draft of horses to be sold in Melbourne, Gold Coast or Sydney when the opportunities arise.


Sending your Yearlings to Bradbury Park will be money well spent; with the education, routine and style of preparation Bradbury Park has to offer, your Yearlings will be able to join any Stable in NZ, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc and not only be comfortable but also settled in the box and stable environment. This aspect is very important now days in the Racing Industry.

Whats in it for the Owners?

By choosing Bradbury Park you have engaged with a Team of personnel who are motivated to provide a successful outcome for all parties, the horse itself will be well prepared and presented regardless of what level of sale Bradbury Park is attending.

Casey and Michelle work very hard to have prospective buyers for your horse and enjoy the challenge.
Client communication is highly respected as Casey and Michelle appreciate you as the owner need and want to feel a part of the Sale and not just pay the bills.

Other products and services from Bradbury Park


Quality Agistment - Bradbury Park

With the farm being majority hedging and the remaining fencing being replaced to become suitable for Horses, every possibility to ensure your horse is safe and sound has been made. Bradbury Park offers quality agistment for Mares, foals, weanlings, yearlings and spellers.


NZ Bloodstock Ready to Run Sale 2011

Draft details, Photos and Breeze Up times will be posted 1st November in the Bradbury Park one stop shop promotion. Bradbury Park’s Draft for NZ Bloodstock Karaka, Ready to Run Sale to be held on 15th & 16th November 2011.


Mares Under Lights - Bradbury Park

2010 Season Bradbury Park had all 15 Mares ready for service two days prior to the season beginning and by the 12th September 2010 13 mares were served. It is interesting that the mares that are not Under Lights take longer to come in to cycling compared to Mares Under Lights. Dave is Bradbury Park’s Reproductive Vet, his results are to be admired.


Weaning & Handling - Bradbury Park

A benefiting factor to an owner is knowing that Casey is the key person who Handles their Foal using effective handling skills learnt from years of being in the Thoroughbred Industry. Casey and Michelle are very proud of their farm and facilities on offer to make Handling and Weaning as stress free as possible for the Mare and Foal. Keep a look out at the 2012 NZ Bloodstock Karaka Yearling Sales for Yearlings with the Bp Cipher.


Bradbury Park - Bradbury Park

Having record parade numbers for Bradbury Park provided us with promising information that our horses were in demand.