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By: Bowers Metrology  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Internal and External, Aluminium Extrusion, Digital Display

  • The Bowers Universal Gauge’s ingenious modular format enables it to be quickly configured to suit almost any measuring challenge. Whether measuring internally or externally, the Universal’s clever constant pressure device ensures accuracy and consistency of reading. The gauge’s findings are displayed on its built in clear digital readout.

    The unique modular construction of the Bowers Universal Gauge facilitates the fitting of a large variety of measuring contacts and adaptors, enabling countless measuring tasks to be completed with ease. Accessories for the measurement of threads, grooves, splines, gears, hole centres, and many others are available as standard, whilst special adaptations for more unusual applications can be quoted on request.

  • The addition of the Bowers supporting table and location feet transforms the Universal Gauge into an extremely flexible bench mounted gauge. Even greater speed of operation can be achieved in this format, ideal for the rapid gauging of batch parts etc. Higher accuracy can be realised in this configuration, aided by the added stability afforded by the addition of location feet.

  • The flexible Bowers Checkmatic is a multifunction horizontal bench gauge, which is capable of being configured in a multitude of ways to enable most internal and external measuring tasks to be undertaken. The revolutionary accurate gauge can be supplied with an easy to read integral digital display or can be fitted with a wide variety of indicators and transducer probes. The comprehensive range of quick-fit Checkmatic accessories means that this ingenious instrument can be rapidly set-up to enable most common internal or external measuring tasks to be performed with ease. Special accessories, contact points etc. can also be quoted to enable the accurate gauging of the most difficult of features.

  • Developed to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, the gauge’s aluminium extrusion beam gives it a rigid, yet lightweight quality – making it ideal for shop-floor environments. The simple release of a locking thumb screw enables the gauge’s measuring direction to be changed easily and quickly.

    The four gauges in the Intex range have been designed to measure components from 200mm up to 1m long; however extended lengths are available on request.

  • Keywords: Aluminium Extrusion, Bench Mounted, Digital Display, Internal and External, Modular Construction, Pressure Device

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