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By: Bot Pots  05-Apr-2012

Minimum charge of $5.00

Items MUST be “bone dry” before bringing in for firing.
They will then weigh less, saving you money, but more importantly they will stand a better chance of surviving the firing process.
Any cracked or exploded items will still be charged.
You must discuss your firing requirements with us,

All items MUST be collected promptly.
Any item left here for more than one month could be disposed of.

We can arrange Courier Post of fired items back to you, if required

Disclaimer of Liability
Whilst we take every care firing pottery as a service to customers, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for any result achieved, or for any breakages, or any liability caused by our kiln firing service.
The variety of products presented to us for firing come in many versions of condition, from wet to badly joined, too thick or thin, or in mixed or unknown types of materials or condition.
This means we can only use our best judgment and do our best .
Our kilns can fail at any time due to a variety of reasons beyond our control.
We set the controls and firing schedule to the best of our ability and judgment.
Loose material from products put into the kiln, or parts of the kiln itself, can explode or move around and become fixed to the surface of any products.

Firing is at the Customers risk.

We will charge for all products fired

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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Bot Pots - Welcome - Botany Pottery Studio, Auckland, New Zealand - abbots family of glazes

Suggested Firing Schedule:100c per hour up to 200c200c per hour up to 1050c80c per hour up to 1200cSoak at 1200c for 30 mins80c per hour down to 1050cEnd. These glazes, already interesting as they are have the potential to exhibit multiple and unique personalities when layered under and over one another. Glaze has been applied by dipping and in some cases double dips show intensification.