Boryer & Son Restorers

By: Boryer & Son  05-Apr-2012

Sun, humidity, temperature, these are all some of the factors that will affect the finish of your furniture. Over time your furniture's finish will deteriorate unless you give it regular attention. Even a few years of inattention can turn something beautiful into a less than desirable object. This is where we can help.

We specialise in refinishing furniture whose finish has gone past the point of repair or is no longer desirable. We will remove the existing finish and bring the piece back to life using our our finishing techniques developed through years of experience.

Because we specialise in this way we can offer our services for a great price. Every project has different challenges from the style of the furniture, the old finish that needs to be removed to your preferences of the final product. This can all affect time and material and therefore price so we quote for each restoration individually.

We are passionate about New Zealand furniture, if we come to quote and don't think our services would be best for your piece, we will let you know and point you in the right direction.