By: Bodyguard Health  06-Dec-2011

Are you looking to keep colds and flus at bay this winter?

Have you been feeling tired or suffering from increased stress?

Are you looking for extra stamina during the winter sports season?

BodyGuard SeleniumXL is our foundation BodyGuard product and is a potent antioxidant formula, containing over 22 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & protective nutrients that are known to assist with better protection against free radicals and support a healthy heart, colon and prostate. Add more life to your years with BodyGuard SeleniumXL!

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BodyGuard GetSmart helps your brain with the production of vital neuro-chemicals that keep your body young and alive and decrease your chances of brain deterioration as you age. If you experience nausea after taking GetSmart capsules this should reduce within 3-4 days. We feel our memory and ability to focus is starting to deteriorate. It is a 100% Natural Dietary Supplement with. Children 11-15 yrs - 1 x capsule.