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By: Bluelab Assist  06-Dec-2011
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With a conductivity range right up to 6.0EC (60CF or 4200ppm), it will never leave you short. The Commercial Truncheon® Nutrient Meter has been designed for hydroponic crops that require a higher than normal EC or CF requirement during their growing cycle. 

Its super tough, fully waterproof, has no on/off buttons to worry about and does not need calibrating. Its great for stirring your nutrient tank too!

The batteries will last a minimum of 1 year and it comes with a Free 5 Year Guarantee and Free Worldwide Shipping.

"A faithful, low maintenance companion for many years to come!

What is it used for?

The Commercial Truncheon Meter measures the amount of dissolved solids in a solution and gives you a conductivity reading but measures to a higher conductivity value than the standard Truncheon Meter.

To maintain optimum plant growth and phenomenal crops, you need to KNOW what the conductivity of the solution is before feeding your plants AND while they are growing.

If the solution is too weak, your plants will miss out on the vital elements they need to grow. Too strong and you risk root burn, especially if evaporation occurs within your growing environment. The nutrient solution needs to be measured regularly so you know when to add more concentrated solution or when to add fresh water.

Without a Truncheon Meter to measure it, you are only guessing and risk crop failure.

How do you use it?

There is no easier conductivity meter to use than the Bluelab Commercial Truncheon® Meter! simple is it to use? To find the conductivity of your solution, simply place the probe head into the solution for 1-2 minutes (automatically turns on) to reach the same temperature of your nutrient. Remove from the solution (automatically turns off) and place back in.

The bright, easy to read red LED will flash next to a number/s on the scale of your choosing. Rinse the probe after use in fresh water to stop nutrient salts building up on the probe face and clean once a week to ensure the Meter remains accurate. It is fully waterproof so if you drop in the tank or swimming pool, it's OK!

Take a look at the

What is conductivity?

Conductivity is the total soluble salts contained within a liquid solution. Because pure water does not conduct electricity it has a conductivity measurement of zero. By adding soluble elements to the water, electricity is able to move through the solution giving it a conductivity rating.

Conductivity is measured using various scales. The scales the Commercial Truncheon Meter will provide you are EC (Electrical Conductivity), CF (Conductivity Factor), ppm 500 (parts per million), which is also know as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and ppm 700.

Which scale should I use?

EC and CF are the only two absolute scales of conductivity, however the USA mainly uses the ppm 500 scale (also known as TDS). The UK mainly uses the ppm 700 scale.

What do Truncheon Meter users from around the world say about it?

G'Day Bluelab,

Thanks for the excellent service mate!!!! I really love my CF Truncheon, so cool and easy!!- Mick Australia

I have a Bluelab Commercial Truncheon® Meter for testing fish and hydroponic water here at the university of the Virgin Islands. Here at UVI we hold an intensive short course each June (1 week). We usually sell out with 40 students. I always distribute industry information and I also recommend the Truncheon Meter for testing EC.

UVI, St. Croix

Thanks for your amazing quality products, ease of use and great warranty. It's amazing what such a small island can achieve. Ta. 

"Been using the ppm/EC stick for almost 2 years now without a hiccup or a calibration and it's always spot on. Love how it has both scales on it." 

"I couldn't live without my Bluelab Truncheon Meter." 

I have both your older NZHI version and the newer Bluelab model. My oldest one is about 4 years old..amazing to use, so easy and quick. I especially like the fact that you don't need to calibrate it. I couldn't grow without it!

What conductivity range does the Commercial Truncheon Meter have?

EC (0.4 - 6.0), CF (4 - 60), ppm 500 (200 - 3000), ppm 700 (280 - 4200)

What maintenance does it need?

Nearly all conductivity meters need to be calibrated. The great thing is, the Bluelab Commercial Truncheon Meter does not need calibrating as this is locked in during manufacture.

The only maintenance it requires is cleaning the probe and changing the batteries. 'The instrument is only as accurate as the probe is clean' - easy probe cleaning and a quick test is all you need to do to keep the Meter operating perfectly for years! 

What could go wrong with my Commercial Truncheon?

If you do not clean the probe face, the Meter will start reading lower than you would expect it to. See the extra documents below.

How big/little is it? 

The Commercial Truncheon is 400mm/16" long and 24mm/1" wide.

It weights only 225grams.

 What accessories does it have?

Batteries are included when you buy the Commercial Truncheon Meter, but the Conductivity Cleaning kit is for maintaining the Truncheon Meter and is sold separately.

In summary
  • Measures EC, CF and 2 ppm scales
  • Fully waterproof for long life
  • Reads all scales including high conductivity
  • No hard to use external switches, knobs or buttons
  • Does not need calibrating prior to use - Is ready to go right out of the box
  • Batteries included (3 x AA) ready to use
  • Low use on batteries for long battery life
  • Built to last- will not break if accidentally dropped
  • Auto on and auto off for ease of use
  • Comes with a FREE 5 Year Guarantee
  • Made in New Zealand with FREE International Shipping

Beware of imitations! Bluelab® and Truncheon® are registered trademarks of NZ Hydroponics International Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bluelab Corporation Limited, New Zealand.

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