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By: Bluehornet  06-Dec-2011

Scalable solutions deliver value at every stage of your mobile strategy.

Mobile Response Targeting

Here’s how Mobile Response Targeting works:

  1. You can send content to mobile responders separately from your general subscriber base—promoting mobile apps, special offers for on-the-go consumers, and more.


Providing content specific to mobile users leverages the instant gratification aspect of mobile context that can’t be duplicated on the desktop.

View Online for Mobile

With View Online for Mobile, you can optimize your existing campaigns for mobile consumption by creating HTML content that your subscribers can access via their mobile web browser.

Here’s how View Online for Mobile works:

  1. If so, the mobile message you’ve configured will appear in their mobile browser.


View Online for Mobile allows you to experiment with mobile messaging as time and resources allow. It provides valuable insight into subscribers’ mobile engagement with your messages, and it doesn’t disrupt your existing messaging strategy or workflow.

Other products and services from Bluehornet


Advanced Personalization & Segmentation Tools

One with limited subscriber profile data, and one with highly relevant content that would be valuable to those subscribers. Use Dynamic Segments to automatically keep up with subscribers’ evolving preferences. Up-to-Date Subscriber Information Drives Successful Lifecycle Messaging Campaigns. As a subscriber meets the criteria of that query, they are added to the segment. Think of a Dynamic Segment as a saved search query.


API, Email Marketing Data Integrations

Creating a 360-degree view of the customer can be an overwhelming task - how can you integrate your data points to maintain up-to-date customer profiles, and use that data to make informed marketing decisions. Marketers are using more tools than ever before to promote their brands, sell their products & services, interact with consumers, and measure the results of their efforts.


Email Marketing Integrations & Partnerships

These strategic partnerships give our clients and agency partners direct access to innovative turn-key eMarketing solutions proven to increase revenue and grow business. BlueHornet takes pride in building profitable, long-term relationships with today’s leading technology companies.


Commerce Segments Advanced Segmentation Tools

Using your commerce transaction and customer behavior data, Commerce Segments provides easy-to-use tools to predict, understand, and identify who your most profitable customers are and reach them at key points in the sales lifecycle when they are most likely to purchase. Let’s say you’re a golf retailer and you want to automatically identify and remarket to customers using purchase data.


Email Marketing Services, Strategy, Deliverability, Creative & Account Management

After over a decade of providing interactive marketing services to leading e-commerce brands in a wide range of industries, the BlueHornet account team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge you can leverage to bring your online marketing programs to the next level. Make sure each message you send reaches the inbox, and doesn’t end up in a junk folder, flagged as spam, or get stuck in an ISP filter.


BlueHornet | Social Email Marketing: SocialLoop

Now, by combining BlueHornet’s advanced segmentation and lifecycle messaging capabilities with Shoutlet’s customer-level social network acquisition, tracking and reporting tools, you can engage each of your social followers uniquely, based on their interests, behavior, and relationship with your brand.


BlueHornet | Transactional Email Messaging

Message Tracking and Statistics: Advanced delivery and tracking capabilities let you follow the path of your transactional messages from BlueHornet’s eMarketing Suite all the way to your customer’s inbox. Template Preview & Testing: Preview transactional messages with test data and test changes to your message content without affecting the live template being sent to customers. Quickly and easily send ad-hoc transactional messages to customers.