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By: Blue Rocket  05-Apr-2012

Services | Blue Rocket

Here at Blue Rocket we offer a complete suite of services to manage your entire software development life cycle.

We will work with you from the initial consultation and concept stages, right through to the deployment and hosting of your project.

No two projects are ever the same, so we make sure we take the time to understand exactly what you need to achieve before beginning any work. This is an important step when choosing a tailored software solution, and crucial to the success of any endeavour.

While most of the projects we undertake are database driven web applications, as a bespoke development company we are involved in a diverse range of undertakings.

Following are some of the common scenarios we undertake:

It’s a common scenario; a company grows to a level where they have multiple in-house pieces of software, each serving a purpose for which they were written at the time to serve. Staff may have to find information or use multiple applications to perform their roles, complicating and causing delays in what should be simple tasks.

It may be that your customers are calling for more information about their accounts and job statuses, asking for more control over their ordering processes and business to business activities.

Perhaps you have several tasks that must be performed and checked manually every day, tasks which are mundane and tedious for the staff responsible for their upkeep.

This is where intranets and extranets really shine! We can audit your current environment and devise a solution to bring all of your crucial functionality into a centralised platform. Your staff can manage their day to day processes with a single login, your customers can be granted access to a suite of self-provisioning tools. We can bring your data together to give you a powerful set of reporting tools so you can see instantly how you are performing. Repetitive tasks can be automated and alerts and notifications provided for staff responsible for them to see when they login. All of this will free up resources and streamline your business.

Often a software roadmap was the last thing on an entrepreneur’s mind when the first orders started rolling in, and it’s not until several years down the track it’s realised that it may be time to introduce some structure into the business’ IT area.

We have extensive experience in this type of environment and can assist you in any intranet and extranet project.

You have a great idea for an application and you’ve identified a niche where you think you can make a difference and need to get a site built, but don’t have the expertise or experience to do so.

If you are in this situation, we can help. We are experts at translating your vision into a fully featured and functional web application.

No matter the complexity, the amount of business rules and processes you need to encompass, or the scope of the idea, we can work with you to get your product to market.

These types of projects are constantly evolving and we will make sure we provide the support and technical resource you need to stay ahead of the game.

We have worked with some existing customers on these types of platforms for over a decade. Examples of the platforms we continue to work on are:

  • A huge performance management suite in use by an international banking institute and many other companies in both New Zealand and Australia.
  • An investment management platform in use by one of New Zealand’s major navigation service providers of over 750 staff.
  • Unique and bespoke shop fronts that share an ordering and inventory management engine provided to customers of one of Zealand’s most successful full service branding companies.

If you have a basic website you want developed, whether it is for your own company or a client, we can assist you.

Every company should at least reserve their space on the internet, and have information available should potential customers try to find you.

We are primarily a software development house and can build your website, or use an existing CMS platform to do so. Should you require extensive graphic design we will manage this transparently with our design partners.

A common situation businesses find themselves in occurs when they have existing sites or applications that are in use and have been developed by an in-house developer no longer with the organisation, or an external company that is either no longer available to support the product.

Quite often these have little to no documentation, meaning updates or fixes that need to be implemented are no easy task.

We can step in and audit your applications, and work with your existing framework to carry out any maintenance tasks required, or advise you on the best way forward if it is not possible (as may occur if the developers have left you with only compiled code and no source).

We have saved several applications from complete abandonment over the years, and in the cases were the existing platforms have not been the best solution to grow with your business we have at least provided a means to stagger the investment required to build something more suitable while allowing the on-going use of the current applications.

We respect the investment you have made in your existing infrastructure and will always work towards solutions that are best suited to your goals.

We are commonly asked to bring data together from different systems, or provide a means for two separate and unrelated applications to interchange data and work together.

This is called systems integration and is something we have been providing since 1998. From text file exports and imports, CSV, Biztalk Services, XML, JSON, SOAP, RESTful Web Services, WCF and more, we have written several plumbing applications to allow systems to interact and cooperate.

This type of development depends entirely on the applications themselves and capabilities so if you have a project like this in mind then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you have hosting requirements then we can help. We have been a reliable and safe service provider for over a decade, hosting everything from simple WordPress sites to multi-server co-located business critical cloud services.

Should you require colocation we can provide space within a secure, climate controlled environment with redundant bandwidth and power and 24/7 monitoring.

Our co-location space includes:

  • 24 x 7 fully monitored, secure facility
  • State of the art video surveillance
  • Raised flooring for optimal airflow distribution
  • Standard 19″, 1m deep lockable cabinets with under floor positive air pressure
  • Climate controlled environment with HVAC Plenum cooling system to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity
  • High-speed connectivity with multiple fibre-optic upstream links
  • High performance 100Mbs switch port
  • 24/7 staff supervision of customer access to equipment
  • Fire detection system with gas ionisation smoke detectors

As a specialist software development company, there are times when we will work in unison with a partner who specialises in a different field to provide our customer with the best possible result on their project.

This most often occurs when a client requires a full website design but has no idea of what they would like their website to look like. In this case we will take care of the development and hosting, and use either the customer’s graphic designers or our preferred design partner to provide a template to base the site’s design on.

If you are a similar company that specialises in a different area, and at times require software development services, we are happy to talk to you about assisting in this area and have successfully operated with this business model on past projects. We understand your customer relationship is of paramount importance and will work with you to complement your services at all times.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this.