By: Blue Rock Road Retreat  06-Dec-2011

A Ribbon of Native Bush Blue Rock Road Retreat is
situated on 12.5 acres of native
bush, with Blue Rock Stream
flowing east to west. The terrain is
diverse, including wetland, sandy
streambed, shrub and beech
forest, steep cliffs, and scattered
fern grottoes. A short trail down
from the house leads to Blue Rock
stream, which is home to small
trout, eels, and crayfish—perfect
for endless natural exploration.
Nestled Beside the Bush Originally this countryside was mature
beech forest. And while much of the plant
and animal diversity in the surrounding
pastureland has been replaced with grass
and livestock, the native vegetation of Blue
Rock Road Retreat is thriving, and is a
natural attractant to a host of birdlife and
native creatures. Naturalists from the
Department of Conservation and the
Wellington Botanical Society have identified
literally hundreds of species of endemic
trees, shrubs, grasses, sedges, rushes,
herbs, mosses, ferns, and orchids. Some of
these plants are very rare and not found
elsewhere in the Wairarapa.
Paradise for Bird-Lovers--and Birds Over 20 species of birds have been
identified on the property, many of which
can be seen from the terrace itself. This is
the native wood pigeon, or kerukeru. When
it flies by, you can usually hear the beating
of its wings before you see it. Fantails,
silvereyes, bellbirds, paradise ducks, and
kingfishers are all commonly seen. At night,
the call of the morepork, the native New
Zealand owl, is almost always heard.
Endless Outdoor Exploration Stroll down to Blue Rock stream, which runs just below the house. You
can also explore the surrounding hills (with permission from the local
farmers) and walk up high enough to see the Hau Nui Wind Farm and the
ocean beyond.