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By: Blownaway  06-Dec-2011

* If you decide to buy a blokart from us.

NOTE: blokart International Ltd. has asked that dealers do not list their pricing for blokarts and their official parts and accessories on the internet. If you would like to know the prices of any blokart products, please

There are two different blokarts with three different sail sizes to choose from. Find out all about them here:

Accessories such as the Deuce or the Shadow add new dimensions of fun. There are a range of items that will protect you and your blokart. Other accessories are designed for pure comfort.

Faster. This is the ultimate thrill. These upgrades have a huge influence on your blokart's performance.

See the latest release of bits for your blokart.

From biggest to smallest, BlownAway stocks all blokart parts.


BlownAway accepts Cash and ebank Direct Credit payments. Cheques will be accepted from ABC members.

Pickup or Delivery

You can come and pick up your purchase from our office in Bucklands Beach, or we will be happy to courier your items out to you. Please ask for a quote.