By: Blitzit  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Parties, Office Systems, Dividing Possessions

Improve your Present Home

De-clutter maximise space e.g. pantry toys wardrobes

Total BlitzFull clear out including draws, clean, curtains , carpets to skirting boards

Open HomePrepare your house for maximum impact then clear before you move.

Bereavement Sensitive objective help clearing houses

Office SystemsMinimise paper, introduce and improve Filing & Office Systems

Lifestyle Manage your space changes

· Babies arriving

· Teenagers Leaving

· Downsizing e.g. moving to a smaller or retirement home

Separation / Divorces – dividing possessions

 OrganisingWhatever you need organising– birthdays, parties, Christmas

Mediation - Independent confidential  between parties to split possessions & organising visitation

Keywords: Dividing Possessions, Office Systems, Parties,