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BJC ELEMENTS Thermofin finned tubular heaters are made of corrosion resistant Stainless Steel. Unlike mild steel and nickel plated finned air heaters, the BJC ELEMENTS F8 and F11 series will not compromise the quality of air passing over them.These "fit and forget" elements have proven themselves over the past 30 years of their manufacture and are ideal for all air heating applications in even the harshest of environments. They reduce the risk of SBS (sick building syndrome) and eliminate the risk of rust and nickel being deposited on to sensitive equipment such as computers.

Cartridge Elements
Our range of cartridge elements is commonly used in plastic dies, moulds, platens, bag sealers, carton making, shoe machinery, food vending, defrosting, electrical switch gear cabinets and a host of other applications.

BJC ELEMENTS multi-purpose elements offer the user the ability to reshape or modify an element for use in a wide variety of heating applications in many environments, including air, water and acid or alkaline situations. These elements are ideally suited for prototype runs or urgent repairs.

Industrial Pocket Heaters
BJC Pocket Heaters are the ideal heating element for applications where the heating element must not be in direct contact with the product being heated, for example tar, bitumen and degreasing fluids.

Defrost and Evaporator Elements
BJC defrost elements are used in commercial refrigerators and freezers found in almost every supermarket, petrol station and restaurant in Australasia.

Defrost and Evaporator Trays
A range is available to suit any size of chiller or freezer. These are ideal in situations where "hard plumbing" is not an option.

Industrial Cooking Elements
Industrial catering and hospitality elements are made to suit any specification from "bench top" appliances to the largest bakery ovens, fryers, grills etc.

Immersion Heaters and Fittings
Immersion heaters are used to heat fluids such as oil, water, chemical solutions, mild acids, electroplating and salt solutions etc. through a threaded opening in a tank wall.

Components for Tubular Elements
Our range of terminals,  in both assembled or unassembled form,  is in addition to a wide range of proprietary terminals available.

Drum Heaters
BJC manufactures a range of heaters for the 200 litre (44 gallon) drum, still today the container of choice for many products.

Engine Water Jacket Heaters
These elements are designed to keep emergency vehicles ready for action by keeping the engine water system hot.

Load Banks
Designed to provide electrical loads for a wide range of power supply systems.

Mica Based Elements
Withstanding high operating temperatures, mica is the ideal former or insulator for open wound heating elements.

Patio Heaters
Ideal for restaurants and bars, these economical and unobtrusive units ensure the comfort of patrons who wish to move outdoors in cooler weather.


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Testing and test facilities BJC have sophisticated testing facilities to ensure not only performance, but also compliance with regulations and safety standards. Custom Design BJC can design, develop and manufacture virtually any element to your specifications. Research and Development If you have a heating application or element presenting unique problems.