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By: Bizlinks  06-Dec-2011


We aim to teach learners how to use, enhance and streamline their current work-based spreadsheets and databases, thereby creating heightened efficiencies and boosted morale. We cater for those who have never used Microsoft Excel or Access right through to proficient users. We want you to be amazed by automation and functionality -skills which will allow them to focus on what’s vital – managing, organising, analysing and interpreting data more efficiently to elicit more informed business decisions. Your employees will become more motivated, involved, curious and gain significant value from our personalised training solutions. The change will only elevate your business whilst keeping your employees interested and motivated.

We offer a cost effective solution and abide by a non-conditional guarantee that your staff and subsequently your business will benefit greatly from our services.

Our Expertise focuses on creating efficiencies for businesses through the following services:

We provide:

  • Individual and tailored MS Application Software training at all levels.
  • We don’t impose on templates or predefined courses – we use your spreadsheets, databases.
  • Confidentially is never compromised, we pride ourselves on this vital rule.
  • We guarantee productivity gains and plenty of astounding methods of use.
  • We come to you - saving on your employees' travel time.
  • All versions of Excel and Office products.

Engaging learners and identifying learning gaps via skills needs assessment.
Deploy one-on-one training to learner using actual work based spreadsheets/databases.
Discuss assessment with learner and match outcomes of training to needs assessment.
Document training plan and execution.
Provide unique and innovative online support via IM.

Excel Solutions
Devise customised excel based solutions/models/templates/calculators to businesses.
Develop and streamline existing spreadsheets for easy use and maintenance.

Database Design
Develop and enhance databases - specifically MS Access.
Build back end solutions for business with controlled input forms for robust data integrity and reporting.

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