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By: Bizhub  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Content Management

Your website is more than just your digital face, it's the voice of your brand. It is one of the primary deliveries of your brand promise and can be utilised as an extension of your business at a number of different levels. Custom functions can elevate your otherwise static website and move it up to an interactive level, providing more value and interest to your customers.

As experts in web development, BizHub take pride in our programming proficiency. After all, it is this time-tested experience and expertise that forms the foundation of secure, reliable, and easy-to-use web sites. [


From small database driven forms, static websites to large-scale content management systems, we are eager to, and capable of creating projects of any size.

  • PHP programming and MySQL development
  • HTML/CSS Coding
  • Content management systems
  • Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Integrating payment gateways

BizHub provides affordable web solutions for PHP programming and MySQL development. From complex Internet applications to simple web design, BizHub offers programming services for every kind of digital delivery. Our Content Management System gives you the power to update your own website via an easy-to-use administration interface.

These are just a few of the many custom functionality systems that can be developed for your website. When it comes to your next online business idea, whether it's a start-up business or an existing business that needs a website overhaul, BizHub and their

are here to help!

ContentHub is our powerful Content Management System which makes it easy for non-technical users to create and maintain rich contentand fully functional websites.

With ContentHub, the control of the process is in your hands. Your website and content can be updated in-house and more importantly, when required. Not only are maintenance costs lowered, but your content will be fresh, which is important for encouraging repeat visits as well demonstrating to the Search Engines that your site is topical and regularly updated.

  • Visual page creation. Users can edit directly on the webpage and easily create pages of content with a simple form layout and a WYSIWYG editor. Content can be previewed online before publishing.
  • Dynamic menus. Menus and submenus can be created based on the page-tree as pages are added and subtracted.
  • Search Engine Friendly. With clean, well-formed page structures, SEO-friendly URLs, and full control over all page content and attributes, ContentHub is a great choice for SEO-focused websites.
  • Blog extension. Add a full featured blog system to the main navigation of your website which has Social Network integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Templates. We offer a range of template layouts for you to start with so you can add your logo, tone, colors and style. We can also design your template based on your current branding with the assurance that it'll look great upon receipt by clients.
  • Schedule. Scheduling newsletters is great for when you want to promote a product or message, connect with your databases at pre-destined times in the future. You pick the time and date and load for release.
  • Reports. We provide a beautiful set of real-time reports for every newsletter you send, allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Keywords: Content Management