EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation

By: Bitron Lubricants  05-Apr-2012

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Optimises the efficiency of the drive train
  • Compatible with ALL mineral & synthetic gear oil and hydraulic fluids
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Will not void warranties
  • Backed by our product liability insurance
  • Non-corrosive
  • No solids, PTFE or metal
  • Mix at 5% to gear oils or hydraulic fluids
Available sizes: 5L, 20L, 60L & 200L

Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation is designed to provide ultimate protection to automotive and industrial gearboxes, power train transmissions, hydraulics and Automotive Transmissions using Mercon and Dexron fluids. When this equipment is operating under extreme conditions of heavy load and high temperatures the boundary oil film is no longer able to absorb the load and breaks down. This considerably increases friction, causing overheating, excessive wear and leads to metal to metal contact and in many cases catastrophic failure.

Bitron EP Metal Treatment under these conditions of extreme stress will chemically bond with the metal and form a protective molecular film which will prevent metal to metal contact and thereby reduce friction and excessive wear. The reduction in friction will result in reduced operating temperature and improved power output and/or reduced energy consumption. The continued use of Bitron EP Metal Treatment has been proven to reduce wear resulting in improved engine durability and hence reduce costly downtime and maintenance.

Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation is probably one of the more versatile products in the Bitron family.  Its uniquely engineered pure hydrocarbon base makes it completely compatible with a wide range of different gear & bearing oils as well as hydraulic & cutting fluids.


Initial Treatment:

Add Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation at a ratio of 10% of the volume of the reservoir being treated.  Check oil/hydraulic fluid after 1000km-1500km (10-15hrs) and change if necessary.

Subsequent treatments:

Add Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation  at the rate of 5% of the volume of the reservoir being treated with each oil change as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

The optimum ratio (if in any doubt) is 5% of the overall volume of the casing (not the quantity of oil) being treated.  This is the same ratio regardless of how large the case is.  The Bitron needs to be re-applied only when the fluid is changed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If unsure of treatment ratios and special applications contact our Technical Services Department.

Points to note:

  • Automatic transmissions that have dirty fluid or have not been maintained should be serviced before being treated with Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation.
  • Differentials or standard transmissions with excessive sediment and deposits may need to have a fluid change after Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation has completed its cleaning.  If this is required, more Bitron will have to be added.
  • Do not overfill transmissions, differentials, transfer cases or power steering reservoirs.  If necessary, fluid may need to be drained before adding Bitron.
  • When performing oil analysis, the first and second samples after adding Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation may show higher than normal particle readings, due to the cleaning action of the product.  Subsequent analysis will show a substantial reduction in the wear factor
Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation is not compatible with brake fluids and should never be added to brake system master cylinders.  It should be noted that many hydraulic clutch systems use brake fluid, not hydraulic oil, and Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation should not be used.
Not suitable for use in wet clutches or brake systems.

Treatment results should include:

  • Smoother, faster shifting of gears in manual and automatic transmissions
  • reduction of transmission gear howl and vibration
  • less torque loss and increase in actual power to the drive train

This product will not cause “slippage” in either manual or automatic transmissions.  On the contrary, its use results in smoother, easier gear changes.  Clutches need friction to operate – the clutch plates in an automatic transmission are bathed in transmission fluid but are fibrous in makeup (similar to brake pads) and so should be treated with Bitron.  Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation coats and protects the complex systems of metal gears that make up the remainder of any transmissions or gearbox.

Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation will assist in the protection of the automatic transmission or gearbox from friction and reduce the heat build-up which destroys the effectiveness of the fluid (the major cause of failure).

Note:  Bitron is non-corrosive and cannot negatively affect the material of the seals or gaskets.  It is a metal treatment and treats only the metal surfaces.

Caution: Bitron will not restore damaged seals that are already hardened and cracked.

Differentials, Gears and Transfer Cases

For regular, limited slip or Posi-Trac differentials, gears and transfer cases, mix at 5% Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation by volume.  Differentials are subjected to considerable heat and friction due to the loads and stress of gears.  Laboratory tests and actual use have proven the Bitron decreases internal oil temperatures in differentials anywhere from 5-20 degrees C.  The pressures in these systems are huge and the metal surfaces are subject to severe stresses.  Bitron will not interfere with the biting points of these systems but will protect the metal from excessive wear.

Treatment results should include:

  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Reduced differential noise (gear howl)

Caution: Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation is not intended for gears that have sheared or are on the verge of lock-up, unless this is due to overheating and has not yet resulted in welding.

Manual or power steering:

Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation is compatible with all steering units. Mix at 5% by volume.

Treatment results should include:

  • Easier steering
  • Increased pump flow in worn or dirty power steering units
  • Increase in life expectancy of unit due to decreased wear.

Note: Bitron is not intended to restore mechanical failure.

Hydraulic systems:

Bitron EP40 Powertrain & Gear Formulation is completely compatible with hydraulic oils and should be used at a 5% ratio. It will coat the entire system with a protective layer, reducing operating temperatures and wear.  Most of the heat in these systems is generated by extreme pressures.  This heat will cause the metal to expand and so increase the level of friction and wear, which will then in turn contribute to the heat further expanding the metal, creating more friction and so on.

Boiling Point for Component
Vapour Pressure for Component
Specific Vapour Density Air =1 1
Specific Gravity
Percent Volatiles 30-35%
Evaporation Rate Slower than Ether
Flash Point: Open Cup 126ºC (259ºF)
Explosion Limit: (Lowest value of  Component) Lower 1% Upper 7%
Total Base Number TBN 4.6

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