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By: Biotest New Zealand  06-Dec-2011

Before now, no other anabolic formula ever produced an effect anything close to what ANACONDA™ Anabolic Load produces. So, why is the ANACONDA™ formula so different?

ANACONDA™ Anabolic Load is designed for elite and professional-level bodybuilders, and strength and power athletes. In other words, it's made specifically for top-level bodybuilders and weightlifters who train with monster weights, at high frequency, and push human physiology to its limits.

There's no other formula anywhere in the world that's made specifically to fuel the metabolic demands of the muscle-monsters who train like this. There's nothing even close.

Virtually every formula on the market today is manufactured around very low cost targets, and geared toward gullible teenagers. These kiddy products aren't going to help anyone trying to build a serious physique. The serious lifter needs a professional-level formula, made exclusively for the elite.

That's where ANACONDA™ Anabolic Load, and the ANACONDA™ Protocol, come in.

The training required to gain as much muscle and strength as humanly possible produces gigantic physiological demands on the body. And the biochemical aftermath creates a nasty catabolic black-hole that can suck a month's worth of gains away, virtually overnight.

ANACONDA™ Anabolic Load, and the ANACONDA Protocol, can easily handle the horrific demands of any advanced-level training program, regardless of its schedule.

Want to train every day?

No problem.

Want to train 3 times per day, 6 days a week?

If you have the time and can put out the effort, the ANACONDA™ formula will easily handle any training demand you can throw at it.

The ANACONDA™ formula is really a combination of two formulas in one bottle:

MAG-10® Anabolic Pulse
MAG-10® Anaerobic Fuel

(Note: MAG-10® Anabolic Pulse is also offered as a stand-alone formula.)

Each formula contains mega doses of BIOTEST engineered compounds, designed specifically by BIOTEST and manufactured to its strictest specifications.

BIOTEST developed and standardized leucine-rich casein hydrolysate and citrulline malate

BIOTEST developed and standardized complex of creatine
2-oxopropanoate and beta-alanine

sodium chloride, potassium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate dibasic, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate tribasic, potassium phosphate dibasic, potassium succinate

The ANACONDA™ formula is designed to potentiate anabolic physiology to the point of superhuman responses when training at advanced levels.

The end result is a daily rate of muscle and systemic recovery and repair so advanced that the limits of ANACONDA haven't yet been challenged.

The ultimate benefit to the user is being able to pack on muscle mass and gain strength beyond what was thought to be humanly possible.

The only question is, are your training demands challenging enough for ANACONDA?

So, if you're a beginner, casual lifter, or totally happy with where you are and can easily maintain that level, ANACONDA is overkill for you; you don't need it.

On the other hand, if you're a serious lifter who's training to gain muscle as fast as possible, or if you're an advanced lifter who's already attained a super-high level of muscle mass or strength, ANACONDA is a must.

Use it once, and you'll never train without it.


1 scoop 30 g 62 6 weeks 5 weeks


2 scoops 60 g 124 3 weeks 2.5 weeks
1 scoop
1 scoop

30 g
19 g
49 g total

120 total
6 weeks
7.5 weeks
5 weeks
6 weeks
2 scoops
1 scoops

60 g
19 g
79 g total

182 total
3 weeks
7.5 weeks
2.5 weeks
6 weeks


2 scoops
2 scoops

60 g
38 g
98 g total

240 total

3 weeks
3.75 weeks

2.5 weeks
3 weeks

*Anabolic Proteins value includes anabolic amino acids.


10 minutes pre-workout


10 minutes post-workout

Total Time

70 minutes

Drinking rate

8.7 oz per 15 min (average)
20 min

Prepare the ANACONDA™ drink:
ANACONDA™ Anabolic Load
MAG-10® Anabolic Pulse (optional)
Cold Water

1 - 2 scoops
1 - 2 scoops
1,200 ml (40.5 oz)
10 min Take the first dose of ANACONDA™ drink. 475 ml (16 oz) 

00 min

Begin Workout  

10 min

Drink the second ANACONDA™ dose during your workout. 475 ml (16 oz)

50 min

End Workout  

10 min

Drink the remaining ANACONDA™ drink. 250 ml (8.5 oz)

Prepare the ANACONDA™ mixture about 20 minutes prior to working out, and keep it refrigerated until your first dose.

1. Pour 1,200 ml (40.6 oz) of cold water into a 2,000 ml NALGENE® bottle.

2. Pour 1-2 scoops of ANACONDA™ and 1-2 scoops of MAG-10® (optional) into the 1,200 ml of cold water.

3. Cap the bottle and mix thoroughly by turning the bottle upside down and right-side up about six times.

4. Add in about 2 capfuls of BIOTEST® Intensified Liquid Flavoring (which is provided with every ANACONDA,™ MAG-10®, and Workout Fuel purchase).

5. Cap the bottle and mix thoroughly by turning the bottle upside down and right-side up several times. Allow the mixture to sit until most of the bubbles dissipate (about 5 min.).

6. Keep refrigerated until 10 minutes prior to working out (which is when you'll drink your first 475-ml dose).

Here's a new idea that we think is pretty cool. ANACONDA™ and MAG-10® formulas are manufactured unflavored. Don't worry, you're not going to be guzzling down ANACONDA and MAG-10 without flavoring. Each bottle of ANACONDA and MAG-10 is delivered with a bottle of our liquid flavoring system.

This was done because a liquid flavoring system is the very best system.

Liquid flavor systems are far superior to dry powder flavors (and a lot more expensive to the manufacturer), along with providing the greatest taste experience. The difference is literally hard to believe. With the new Intensified Liquid Flavoring, ANACONDA and MAG-10 are absolutely delicious. And if you ever tasted the unflavored formulation, you'd find that hard to believe.

You also have the added benefit of being able to adjust flavor intensity to exactly what you like. And, you can alternate between flavors as often as you like without switching bottles of ANACONDA or MAG-10.

When it comes to advanced formulations, we believe liquid-flavor systems are the future.

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Biotest Alpha Male - Biotest New Zealand - alpha male

Alpha Male is brand new and chock-full of all the Testosterone-boosting compounds we have in our vast arsenal, none of which can be found anywhere else on the planet. Progesterone and prolactin are particularly nasty hormones, in that they cause — much more than estrogen — storage of body fat and mental depression.