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By: Bioquell  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Life Sciences, Aeration, Hydrogen Peroxide

The Bioquell range of high speed catalytic converters has been developed to support a broad range of hydrogen peroxide vapour based generators used in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

The patented activated carbon inpregnated catalytic filters and air exchanger are a result if two years research and development. Both the R-30 and the R-10 incorporate  this cutting edge technology allowing improved HPV distribution during cycles as well as helping acheive efficient and rapid cycle times. 


  • Aeration units quickly and efficiently convert hydrogen peroxide vapour to water vapour and oxygen, leaving a residue-free surface and an environment safe to re-enter
  • Maximum air volume throughput, resulting in rapid aeration times
  • Use of an active vapour distribution system, which helps improve distribution of HPV during the bio-decontamination cycle
  • Self-sterilising units minimise risk of any location to location transfer of viable bio-burden


  • Rapid removal of hydrogen peroxide vapour
  • Active vapour distribution technology
  • Mobile, lightweight and highly manoeuvrable
  • Self-sterilising


Unit Description Bioquell R-30 (for standard rooms) Bioquell R-10 (for smaller specialist areas)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 638 x 1248 x 671mm 615 x 1200 x 580mm
Unit weight 90kg 45kg
Airflow rates    
Aeration =6600m3/hr (3884 CFM) =3000m3/hr (1766 CFM)
Indication of HPV cycle time to safe re-entry at 1ppm    
47m3 room =125mins (330g of H2O2 injected) =185mins (330g of H2O2 injected)
150m3 room =240mins (1108g of H2O2 injected) N/A

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Keywords: Aeration, Catalytic Converter, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour, Life Sciences

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