BioLoos and Grey Water Systems

By: Bioloo  06-Dec-2011
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Bio Systems 'Bio Loos' are true composting toilets where the composting is completed in the system. These are not systems that hold a small amount for a short time and then require you to empty it and complete the composting somewhere else.

BioLoo toilets are currently used by the Department of Conservation and various District and Regional Councils throughout New Zealand, including the Auckland City Council and Auckland Regional Authority. They are also in use by many individuals for their permanent dwellings as well as for holiday homes. BioLoos are successfully installed in many camping grounds, cafes, Marae, boats, bush huts and camping / rest areas.

How it works:

Grey Water Systems

Grey water is the water from the shower, kitchen sink, and laundry (The toilet deals with black water only). This water must be stored for 24 hrs to cool and solids to settle before discharge to the disposal field to meet New Zealand building standards.

We have available both a 600L and a 1700L in ground three stage grey water tank systems. These act as both settling and cooling tanks and as a grease trap, ensuring the disposal field has a long and efficient life as possible. A breather at the end also allows the pipes to be back flushed if necessary. 

Bioloo grey water systems are supplied complete from settling tank on, including 18m of leachfeild, geotextile cloth, breather, and inspection/distribution box. Systems are easily adapted to your site conditions and tanks can be joined to increase capacity.


Our large grey water system is designed to meet the requirements of a normal three bedroom home and meets the New Zealand standards for capacity. This design allows greater flexibility for capacity as larger tanks are easily incorporated.


Small Grey Water System $3565.00 inc GST ex Rotorua

Large Grey Water System $4485.00 inc GST ex Rotorua

* System includes one main tank, distribution box. 18 meters slotted pipe and filter cloth. Riser and vent for end of leach field pipe. Installation manual.

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Keywords: Composting Toilets, Three Bedroom Home, Water System, Water Systems