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By: Bio-care Nz  06-Dec-2011

Bio-care is an ACVM NZ defined agricultural Compound  and a unique formulation of pro-biotic vet product. Bio-carehas  been used successfully  for years in several countries for managing sub clinical Mastitis .  Bio-Care(8Kg) is now available in New Zealand through  local  company Bio-Care NZ Ltd. Bio-care has successfully addressed sub clinical Bovine inflammation in the udder by reducing somatic cell counts including pathogens below 100 thousand cells/ml without use of any cortisone, antibiotic or hormones

Key Benefits

  • An ACVM defined agricultural compound
  • One 8kg bottle is needed for 100 cows for two days
  • Cows may be administered 2-3 feeds  for good result s within 48 hours
  • A dose of 30gm Bio-care/litre molasses fed through the feed or licking drum manages sub-clinical and may also help  prevention of clinical  mastitis.
  • For organic milk-farming Bio-care is the best alternative for desired result and performance