Environmental Data Server, environmental monitoring software

By: Bimaris  06-Dec-2011

The Environmental Data Server (EDS) system consists of a modular suite of Linux based programs responisble for reading, translating, distirbuting and storing any type of environmental data. Being modular in nature the EDS system can easily be expanded to include new sensors and storage formats as required to meet the future needs of the client.

For many clients, the collection of metereological, wave and tide data is becoming increasingly important to the safe operation of the company. The latest scientific processing techniques mean that more information can be extracted from the primary data allowing prediction and modelling of parameters critical to the operation, e.g. how conditions affect mooring lines, underkeel clearance etc

Some of the modular components available for EDS are below :-

Tide Component
The tide component will take the sea level signal measured by the tide gauge and decompose it into its constituent parts: Tide forecast; Tidal Residual; Storm Surge; Mean Level of the Sea (MLOS); Total Residual.

Wave Component
The wave component will take the output from the wave recorder and produce: Significant wave height and period; Maximum wave height and period; Wave height and period of the highest tenth of the waves; Wave direction of the largest waves; Wave spectra.

Long Wave Component
Long waves have periods greater than 20 seconds. They can penetrate harbour defences that are designed to dissipate swell. There are various types: Infra Gravity (IG); Far Infra Gravity (FIG); Rissaga.

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