By: Big John  06-Dec-2011
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Need pest control but it is getting expensive ??? All at one time. We have the answer for you.

Yes pay as you go, for a small monthly automatic payment.

We will visit your property up to 4 times a year depending on services required with our integrated pest management system.

We will standard spray your property not once but twice a year for insect pest control
(you only pay for the product/spray used)

(with the noticeable increase in insect pests due to the climate changes in Hawke's Bay spraying twice a year is now necessary)

What will this cost you

Property under 155 sq Mt: $9.50 per month insect control (+$9.50 per month if rodent control is required)

Property 155 to 300 sq Mt: $14.50 per month insect control (+$12.50 per month if rodent control is required)

Property 300 to 475 sq Mt: $19.50 per month insect control (+$15.50 per month if rodent control is required)

Property over 475 Sq Mt: Prices on request

Approximate prices for Product /Spray Used on a 155 Sq Mt house

Outside only: $45/85 include garage / carport shed Etc

Inside & outside: $75/130.0 include garage / carport shed Etc

Fence lines, sleep outs, outdoor furnisher, Etc can be done on request, for the cost of the extra spray/product used.

If you require rodent control we will visit your property 4 times a year to top up your rodent pest stations (more visits at a small extra cost) if required to bring your rodents under control to start with.

If rodent control is added to the program we use child & pet safe stations on your property. And will call 4 times a year to replace the baits (baits cost $1.40 per block) 2 to 4 blocks per station.

If you want to uses this program straight away you can pay the 1st half years payment at the time of the 1st treatment with an automatic payment plan in place for the plan to be on going till you request it to end.

Special Terms and Conditions may apply.

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Keywords: Insect Control, Pest Control, Pest Management

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