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By: Bibles In Action  05-Apr-2012

The Digital Bible library is a powerful solution to provide a complete Christian Library to believers and pastors in areas where Christian persecution exists. The latest data compression technology means that literally hundreds of books, movies, and music can fit on a storage device the size of a postage stamp. It is designed for maximum portability, duplication and security.

A pastor can now study in safety by inserting the micro SD card into a laptop, eReader, cell phone or any device that accepts an SD card and launching the encrypted menu. For security it can easily be concealed or destroyed, without leaving a trace. What's more, each library is royalty free and can be duplicated and passed on to others as much as necessary, free of charge.

The Digital Bible library is the compiled work of over 20 organisations with a heart for freely distributing Christian resources to the Farsi, Arabic, Chinese and Dari speaking people of the world. Bibles and content are in the form of eBooks, video, audio and images that is divided into 12 libraries ranging from enquirers to new believers, discipleship, families, children, teens, leaders and pastors.

Right now we have the opportunity to deliver intially 10,000 Digital Bible libraries per month to countries where Bible study can be both dangerous and deadly. For as little as $20 you can help bring this device to the persecuted church.

Through your prayers and financial support you can be part of this powerful solution that will empower and encourage many of our brothers and sisters in Christ and so bring meaningful change to volatile parts of the world.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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