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By: Betterthandiamond  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Color Grading, Grading Report

Amora™ Moissanite is independently graded at an average of four color grades whiter than regular Moissanite by Charles & Colvard, and is the worlds first 'true' near colorless moissanite.

(*Please note:  Due to a trademark conflict, we are changing the brand name from "Mira" to "Amora" .. there will be some use of both terms while we work to update our site.  Regardless of the name, it remains the same product. )

"I was one of the first to receive my Amora Moissanite and in fact the first Aussie to own one!

I was blown away by her beauty she is so WHITE!

Having a jeweller in the family he was shocked at the beauty of this stone and could not believe it was a Moissanite.. "

- Customer Testimonial

  *All Amora Moissanites over 6mm come with an independent color grading report and are laser engraved as your assurance of quality.

  *Amora Moissanite Rounds are H color for 8mm (2ct) and under, and Cushion cuts are J color.  

  *By comparison, regular Moissanite (sold everywhere as simply 'moissanite') is typically K color for 7mm+ rounds, and M-N color for Cushion cuts 7mm+.

  *Comparison photos are available under the specific cut pages below.

Keywords: Color Grading, Grading Report

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Amora Moissanite Cushion -

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see 2 Moissanite Cushions by Charles and Colvard that we had certed to document the typical color grades). The improvements permanently transform it into a more perfect Moissanite (perfect Moissanite is colorless for reference) and thus create an Amora. Ask them why they don't offer an independent grading report for their supposedly 'near colorless' moissanite..


Amora Moissanite Round -

Due to a trademark conflict, we have changed the product brand from Mira to Amora Moissanite..there may be some cross-references while we change over but the underlying product remains the same. This transformation is somewhat analagous to HPHT when done for diamond, and the visual improvement can be startling - 7mm and larger Moissanite's go from K/L color to H color.


Amora H&A Gem -

Due to competing patent restrictions from Charles & Colvard related to SiC gems that covers several crystal sub-types including the Amora gem's crystal structure, Amora H&A may not be available in your country until 2012 to as late as 2015 - whenever the related patent expires or in the case of US, invalidated.