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By: Betterthandiamond  06-Dec-2011
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"The Ultimate Gem "

Amora Hearts & Arrows Gem - The first lab gem to surpass diamond by nearly every measure.  

Amora gem is a naturally occurring crystal around very large stars, where it occurs as stardust (See Astronomy & Astrophysics journal, April 1988).  The Amora gem crystal only grows in extremely high temperatures that would quickly vaporize diamond.  Due to the high temperatures it requires for growth, it does not naturally occur on our planet, and it's lack of availability is perhaps one reason that diamond became the most prized gem on Earth.  

However, on 11/11/11 the Amora gem debuts alongside the oldest crystals on our planet (Jack Hills Zircon, 4.4 Billion years old) at the Hungarian Natural History Museum in a display entitled "The Oldest and The Newest", and the patent-pending Amora H&A gem will be available to consumers in select countries for the first time in early 2012.

Amora H&A lab grown gem compared to Diamond:

  • 10% more Brilliant than Diamond
  • 200%+ more Fire than Diamond
  • Greater physical stability than Diamond
  • F color - better color than most diamonds
  • Hearts and Arrows precision - better cutting than 99% of all round diamonds
  • Greater Purity than Diamond - Atomically, Ethically, Environmentally
  • Scores significantly better in the 5th C - Cost, oftentimes 40:1 better pricing for comparable color, carat weight and clarity. 
  • Amora H&A is The Ultimate Gem.

Amora H&A gem compared to other gems:

  • More brilliant than Moissanite
  • Far better color than Moissanite by Charles and Colvard, and absolutely no green tinting in diffuse lighting (F Color vs. K-N color)
  • 23% Harder than Sapphire
  • More brilliant than CZ
  • Harder than CZ

In short, Amora gem is truly the ultimate gem, eclipsing diamond in every measure of optical beauty.  

H&A Cutting:

Within a given crystal type, cutting controls 98% of the brilliance.  

Thus, we have devoted significant resources to modeling, cutting, designing and testing the Amora H&A in order to achieve an optimal and maximal balance between the two competing goals of maximum fire and maximum brilliance for Amora gems unique optical properties.  The Amora H&A design is the final winner of a number of evaluated parameters and proportions and strikes the ultimate balance for both fire and brilliance.  

Amora H&A is now Patent Pending in the US, and we have multiple foreign patents in progress.

Additionally, all Amora H&A's will be cut *exclusively* by robot, an industry first.  Robotic cutting enables super-human precision and incredible craftsmanship compared to hand cutting, as the robot only cuts to optimal proportions and exacting symmetry.  This ensures that *every* Amora H&A has unparalleled beauty. 


Amora H&A is an upcoming product that is not currently available for sale.  

Due to competing patent restrictions from Charles & Colvard related to SiC gems that covers several crystal sub-types including the Amora gem's crystal structure, Amora H&A may not be available in your country until 2012 to as late as 2015 - whenever the related patent expires or in the case of US, invalidated (BTD has initiated action to have the C&C patent reviewed for validity and the US Patent office has approved the request and a re-exam is in progress).

However, this page is designed to serve as an official placekeeper providing details and info as the Amora H&A round slowly makes it way to the world.

Some common questions:

1 - Can I purchase a Amora H&A in the future?

Depends on where you live - you can view the 'ban list' of where Charles and Colvard current patent restricts us from selling to (until on average, 2015) here:

Customers in India, New Zealand, Singapore and many other locations will be able to order as soon as we launch in early 2012.

2 - What will Amora H&A cost?

On average, $500/ct.  

We will also note this - Amora H&A is not designed to be made to meet a price point or maximize the amount of finished carat weight from each stone cut.  Rather, it has one goal - to be the most beautiful lab gem on the planet.  

And that means we do not design, cut, or produce to compete on price.  We compete solely on beauty and every decision involved is made with that focus.  However, compared to H&A natural diamonds, we think you will be very pleased with the comparison in every way, and especially price.

4 - What color grade will the H&A Amora be offered in?

F color, true near colorless on the GIA Diamond grading scale.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Diamond

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