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By: Berl  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Forecasting, Regional Development

 BERL's professional staff provide analysis across a wide range of fields to the public and private sectors including:



Aside from contract research work, BERL has two main products available to clients.  These are:


Regional Development

  • Monitoring current and historical trends in regional economies
  • Projections of future economic trends at the regional level
  • Assessing the impacts of developments on regional and national economies
  • Regional economic development strategies.


Industry and Resource Economics

  • Analysis of the economics of particular industries, and their effects on the wider economy
  • Analysis within an economic framework of the management of the environment and natural resources.


Economic Forecasting

  • Monitoring current and historical trends and providing short and medium term forecasts of New Zealand and international economies
  • Assessing the impact of macroeconomic trends on industries and business.


Public Policy Analysis

  • Research into underlying economics, and analysis of options, for design and implementation of policies
  • Analysis of the impact of policy proposals on industries, households and the economy as a whole
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the application of policies.


Social Policy Analysis

  • Research into income distribution, and interactions with other aspects of social policy (eg health)
  • Labour market analysis
  • Quantitative analysis of social conditions and living standards of particular groups and communities.


Business and Organisational Strategies

  • Design of development strategies for business and industries
  • Product demand analysis and forecasting
  • Analysis of the nature and impact of innovation within business and industries.

Keywords: Forecasting, Regional Development