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By: Berkley Fishing  06-Dec-2011

Also monofilament in structure, these lines are made with PVDF, commonly known as fluorocarbon. The popularity of fluorocarbon is largely due to these lines being invisible to fish. Unlike nylon, fluorocarbon refracts light nearly identically to water. In addition, fluorocarbon lines are fast sinking due to higher density. Since fluorocarbons do not absorb water, they also maintain their original strength and abrasion resistance. These lines are higher priced than nylon monofilaments, and require greater care in knot tying.

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Our professional anglers are testing those new products in the field under the toughest conditions, and most importantly, anglers like you continue to offer feedback on what you need to give you that extra edge. Our scientists are constantly developing new line formulas and pushing the technological envelop to bring you the very best fishing lines made.


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Cast farther and feel everything with the ultimate spinning reel line. Zero Memory virtually eliminates line tangles.


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Designed with input from top bass professionals, Berkley Jigs offer the best features in a flippin', finesse and football jig for all conditions and waters. The unique conical design bait keeper grips any type or style of trailer close to the head, and is especially effective with Berkley Gulp!, Gulp. Each package contains PowerBait trailers, an extra silicone skirt and tips from the Pro's inside.


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Baits are natural shapes, and used bait may be returned to the bucket for recharging. In wide-mouth, tip-resistant oval buckets. Is the next generation in Gulp. To fish it looks alive.