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By: Bella Mama  06-Dec-2011
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I can't tell you how glad I am that I treated myself to the

I thought the pre natal massages were awesome, but the post natal ones were something else again.  As a new mum, its hard to do anything for yourself so being able to bring my baby with me while I received some much needed time out was a godsend.  I felt a million bucks walking out - my tension was gone and I felt supported as a mother. I'd go as far as to say that the post natal massage was even better than the pre natal ones and that is saying something.  Jo mum of baby Luca 3 months.

"I started treatments at Bella Mama because I had heard some bad press about massage during pregnancy, so I searched for a reputable place where I felt my baby and I would be in safe hands. Bella Mama was the answer to my prayers and the gorgeous Sam was my angel every fortnight and sometimes every week, successfully removing the tension pain in my shoulders and back. I'm sure alot of pregnant women would agree that there's a fair amount of dignity lost during pregnancy, and being on the more modest side, I always felt comfy and at ease at Bella Mama. Sam was always genuinely interested about my pregnancy and the fact that she took notes at every treatment, meant that in my tired baby brain state she could recall my problems and note improvements. Both Jo and Sam were and still are my antidote for the aches and pains of pregnancy and I have returned for post birth massage, which I must say is even more necessary than during pregnancy! So thanks Bella Mama, I don't know what I would have done without you!"   Dana Burtenshaw - mum of baby Lani age 11 weeks.

"I was referred to Bella Mama by a colleague to whom I will be eternally grateful. The time spent in massage was bliss - like cool water, sunshine and sea breezes all at once. My stress levels as a working expectant mom had been high and massage served to dramatically relieve that as evidenced by my stable blood pressure. Jo was gentle, caring and very skilled, She made me feel special and unique at this precious time. I enjoyed every soothing minute and would recommend the services Bella Mama to anyone."    Melanie Thompson (38 weeks)

"Hi, I had a massage yesterday and I would just like to say that it was fantastic. Really helped me to relax and feel much better in myself. I have taken a couple of your brochures and have recommended your services to my coffee group and antenatal classes."      Catherine Te Whare
"Thank you first of all for your magic touch. Coming to see you was my way of taking care of myself. It was like being able to go into my cocoon and really connect with my baby. My partner also benefited, with me returning home feeling rejuvenated and at ease, after having the previous week's stresses massaged away. I'm really looking forward to my first postnatal massage in the next fortnight. See you then."
Jodi McQueen (mum of Isobel, 8 weeks)

"My weekly massages with have been wonderful. Not only have they helped ease all the aches and pains of pregnancy but they have allowed me some weekly indulgence and pure relaxation. I thoroughly recommend Bella Mama massages to anyone wanting some time out and "me time" before your baby arrives."      Tanya Burrage

"My Bella Mama massages were awesome (both pre and post). So relaxing before baby was born and then wonderful for all those aching muscles afterward .. a real treat for my mind and body."    Ali Caunce (mum of Abigail, 12 weeks)

"The beautiful one-hour massage I had a week after Noah was born really helped during that tough first couple of weeks. Jo not only has magic hands, she has a wonderfully calming presence, and the massage left me feeling far better, both physically and emotionally. See you soon!"    Kylie Smith  & Noah (age 14 weeks)

" I tried the Bella Mama massage when I was 5 months pregnant because the masseur I normally went to was unavailable and I never looked back. I found the massage beyond the standard massage treatment because it provided a safe, nurturing, truly relaxing massage and environment for me and my unborn son. My therapist also provided suggestions on how to relax and some gentle stretches. Since my sons birth, I continued to have post natal massages to help me with 'breastfeeding' strain on my shoulders and neck and to soothe the aching joints as they move back into place. I highly recommend this massage for all mums to be and new mums. We all need to treat ourselves in this very special time in our lives. This service is not only for massage but also has knowledge of other services and information mums like to ask."
Chris Moynihan (mum of Lucas - 8 months)

"Being pregnant with my son was a wonderful time in my life and a fortnightly Bella Mama massage played a significant part in making it such a special time for me. A massage was not an indulgence, it was a necessity both physically and emotionally. It was a way to connect with the changes taking place in my body and the new life that was developing inside me. Jo, through her wonderful nurturing manner, was able to relieve both the physical stresses that pregnancy put on my body as well as the emotional strain and stress that I felt in my busy day to day life. After the birth of my son a post natal massage was a welcome relief from the pressures of new motherhood which had brought on a whole new range of physical and emotional strains!(and the cookies were very yummy too!) I would recommend a regular Bella Mama massage to any expectant mum as a necessary element in preparing themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually for the new phase of their life they are embarking upon."

Anna Papa and Ollie (age 5 months)

"Even though I was lucky enough not to suffer from back pain and would only have minor niggles if I was immobile for too long during my pregnancy,  I found the massage extremely nurturing and relaxing seeing as I worked up till 36 weeks. After a Bella Mama massage I would definitely be much more relaxed and would sleep like a baby for the next few nights even seeing a decline in number of those infuriating midnight toilet trips!

“I would definitely recommend a massage with Bella Mama – I enjoyed the service both whilst pregnant and after the birth of my son. While I was pregnant it was my “treat” to replace all the other things you have to give up! I found it very relaxing and really relieved some of the new pressures and aches on my enlarging body. After the birth of my son I again enjoyed the services of Bella Mama. It was an opportunity to relax and have a little time out and also released some of the aches caused by the new activities - feeding, changing and lifting.  The expertise, professional approach and environment ensure that the Bella Mama massage is a truly enjoyable experience”.

Sharon R.

"I looked forward to my fortnightly massage with much anticipation! As soon as I walked in the door, the soothing atmosphere helped me to relax and unwind. The lovely foot bath on arrival was glorious for my overloaded feet. My many aches and pains (particularly my back pain) were massaged away and I floated out of there a new person. It helped me connect with the little person growing inside of me and allowed me to fully enjoy my pregnancy. I can't recommend it enough."
Shelley Duggan – mum of Lola age 8 weeks.
"I found the journey from pregnancy through to Motherhood felt completely new and unknown at first with all the physical and emotional changes that were occurring. During my first pregnancy I had Bella Mama massages both pre and post natal, they were wonderfully relaxing and fantastic for easing any aches and pains as well as helping me connect with all the changes and nurturing my baby within. I am currently pregnant for the second time and still enjoying my regular massages, they are my special 'Time Out', where I can relax, be pampered and feel rejuvenated, especially as with this pregnancy I am enjoying the joys and challenges of motherhood with a gorgeous active toddler. A big thank you Bella Mama for your professional caring touch in making me feel very special. I would thoroughly recommend the services of Bella Mama to any expectant Mum whether it be your first or second pregnancy. "
Johanna Pendrick 24 weeks.

"Bella Mama's Jo Hogan has a fantastic soothing touch with her Massages..just what you need and feel like during pregnancy and beyond.   I enjoyed several of Jo's massages while pregnant and enjoyed them so much, it was great time out for me and lovely to have some quiet time with the baby growing inside of you. Very calming and soothing for mind, body and soul."    Katie, new mum to Luca 4 months.

Melanie Kozak - mum of Thea 8 weeksI have been going to Bella Mama for massages every month since I was four months pregnant with my second baby. It has been such a wonderful experience, and I wished I had known about it during my first pregnancy. The massages are very relaxing, and I leave feeling totally refreshed. It has definitely improved my well being during the pregnancy and I look forward to the next session. Every care is taken with ensuring that both you and the baby are comfortable. I only wish that the sessions would last longer! Both Jo and Sam offer a lovely experience, and I totally recommend Bella Mama to all pregnant women.  Sarah RenshawHi Sam, I just wanted to write and reiterate what an AMAZING experience my massage yesterday was. I am still on cloud 9 and honestly wish I could now afford to have a massage a week. Your down to earth & friendly personality combined with your magic hands made my birthday treat a very special one. I have raved to everyone I know about how amazing it was and I can't wait to be spoilt again.. dropping hints left, right and centre! Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and hope to see you again soon. Best wishes & many thanks. Vanessa Rehm

Keywords: Massage, Pregnancy

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