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By: Bella Mama  06-Dec-2011
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Bella Mama® is a massage company for mothers, fathers and their families.   Although we specialise in pregnancy, birth and motherhood, our massage treatments are suitable for all who are looking for deep relaxation, nurturing touch and ease from muscular tension, stiffness and discomfort. 

Whether you are


or just in need of some

, we can help. Our massage treatments provide an enjoyable way to deeply relax and look after yourself as you care for your family.

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To receive the

during this special time, we recommend having a regular  massage .   Take advantage of our packages to save money and let us care for you as you care for your baby.   

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***Total Care Pregancy and and Post Natal Massage Package *** 

Includes three In Bloom Pregnancy and two New Bloom Post Natal massages plus a free Beautiful Belly Balm            and Post Natal Belly Wrap - $499 (Save $100)

Full Bloom Pregnancy Massage Experience (75 mins) -$150

This luxurious pregnancy treatment includes not only an In Bloom massage with consultation and refreshing Lavender foot soak but also a Sweet Feet Treat mini pedicure(exfoliation, foot pumice and peppermint pressure point foot massage) - great for tired achey feet! You also take home a pot of our luxurious Beautiful Belly Balm, blended with shea and cocoa butters to soften and soothe the skin on your growing tummy. This is the ultimate in pampering for a mum to be, guaranteeing blissful relaxation – you deserve it! NB The Sweet Feet Treat can be swapped for a Jasmine and Sandalwood Mini Facial if preferred.

3 x Full Bloom Package - $399

In Bloom Massage with Sweet Feet Treat (75 mins) - $135

Includes an In Bloom Massage with Lavender Foot Soak and consultation plus a soothing Sweet Feet Treat mini pedicure (exfoliation, foot pumice and peppermint pressure point foot massage). NB The Sweet Feet Treat can be swapped for a Jasmine and Sandalwood Mini Facial if preferred.

3 x In Bloom Massage and Sweet Feet Treat Package $369

In Bloom Pregnancy Massage (60 mins) - $110

A one hour specialist pregnancy massage that includes a full consultation and warm foot soak. This treatment can be tailored to your individual needs and may include a full body massage or specific focus on areas that need extra attention such as achy backs and sore hips. 

3 x In Bloom Pregnancy Massage Package $299.

*In Bloom Pregnancy Reflexology - (60 mins) -  $110

Start by soaking your feet in a relaxing lavender foot bath .Then feel your tension melt away as you snuggle up in soft blankets while your feet are pampered with a spearmint pressure point Reflexology foot massage which is designed to rebalance and revitalise while leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed. This treatment is a wonderful way to prepare your body for birth. * Only available with Jo

3 x In Bloom Pregnancy Reflexology Package $299

New Bloom Post Natal Massage with Traditional Javenese Spice Belly Wrap
(75 mins) -  $135

This traditional South East Asian treatment includes a New Bloom specialist postnatal massage (see below) as well as a traditional Javanese belly wrap designed to tone the post-natal body. Following the abdominal massage techniques, a blend of herbs and spices is applied to the belly and secured with a firm wrap. This is then covered with a warm pack (known traditionally as ‘mother warming’) which has the effect of toning the abdominal muscles, skin and organs. While the soothing wrap does its work, you receive a blissfully relaxing neck, scalp and face massage. The wrap is designed to be worn home and removed after a couple of hours. It is recommended to have three to six post natal massages and wraps to receive the full benefits.

3 x New Bloom Post-Natal Massage and Wrap Package $369

New Bloom Post Natal Massage Treatment (60 mins) - $110

This specialist treatment is the ideal way for you to receive care and attention as you in turn nurture your baby. The massage techniques and acupressure points will increase your vitality and soothe baby-care aches (including back pain and breastfeeding shoulders), while the abdominal massage helps to flatten and tone both the skin and muscle layers of the belly. The perfect way to easeand support your transition into motherhood.

3 x New Bloom Post Natal Massage Package - $299

* Please note that Pregnancy & Post Natal Massages can be combined in the same package of three.

*Please note that these treatments are not designed for pregnancy 

Heavenly Mama Massage with Sweet Feet Treat – 75 mins $125

Starting with a warm lavender foot soak, this treatment includes a Sweet Feet Treat. First your lower legs and feet are pampered with an invigorating foot and lower leg exfoliation and smoothing foot file. This is then followed by blissful lavender and mandarin scented body massage and finally a peppermint balm pressure point foot massage leaving your toes tingling and refreshed – absolute heaven!

Peaceful Mama Massage with Jasmine & Sandalwood Facial – (75 mins) $125

Drift away in total relaxation starting with a rose scented aromatherapy body massage. Follow it up with a dreamy facial treatment which includes cleanse, warm scented compress, rose water spritz, rejuvenating shiatsu pressure point face and scalp massage with oils of Jasmine and Sandalwood to nourish and soften the skin.

3 x Heavenly/Peaceful Mama Massage Package -  $345

Bella Mama Massage  (60 mins) $100

Enjoy a relaxing lavender foot soak before this blissful scented massage - the ideal way for all mamas to take time out to relax and rejuvenate. You can personalise the session by either choosing to have a full body treatment, or focus on areas that are carrying tension. Whatever your decision, this treatment will leave you floating on air!

3 x Bella Mama Massage Package $269

Bella Papa Massage (60 mins)-  $100

Because dads, grandpas, brothers and partners shouldn’t miss out on a lovely massage! This lemongrass and ginger scented treatment focuses on easing muscular tension. With deep tissue techniques, as well as soothing head, neck and scalp massage, it’s a divine treat for the man in your life.

3 x Bella Papa MassagePackage -  $269

*Blissful Mama (or Papa) Reflexology Treatment (60 mins) -  $100

Start by soaking your feet in a lavender foot bath. Then, snuggle up in soft blankets while your feet are pampered with a peppermint pressure point Reflexology foot massage which is designed to rebalance and revitalise while leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed. * Only available from Jo

3 x Blissful Mama (or Papa) Reflexology Package $269

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Keywords: Massage, Pregnancy

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If you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect of your purchase with us we guarantee to refund the purchase price in full. Our massage vouchers and beautiful range of products are the ideal way to pamper the Bella Mama (or Papa!) in your life.


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This is our signature pregnancy massage treatment and includes not only a full consultation and deeply relaxing massage but also a Sweet Feet Treat mini pedicure (foot soak, exfoliation, foot pumice and pressure point peppermint foot massage). Massage treatments have been proven to benefit all of your body's systems including muscular, circulatory, digestive and hormonal.


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Receiving specialist post-natal massage is a wonderful way to heal and ease the discomforts in your body following your pregnancy & birth, improve energy levels and to provide nurturing support to you and your family. To be a mother is to take on one of the most emotionally and intellectually demanding, exasperating, strenuous, anxiety-arousing and deeply satisfying tasks that any human being can undertake..


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What Our Mamas Say - Bella Mama

Both Jo and Sam were and still are my antidote for the aches and pains of pregnancy and I have returned for post birth massage, which I must say is even more necessary than during pregnancy. I started treatments at Bella Mama because I had heard some bad press about massage during pregnancy, so I searched for a reputable place where I felt my baby and I would be in safe hands.


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It is vitally important to care for and nurture the new mother as she in turn nurtures her baby. Over this exciting time of change and discovery the focus can be very much on the new arrival. * Please note that all orders are packed within 24 hours and sent out by NZ Couriers. Please allow one to two business days for delivery. The birth of a baby brings much happiness.