Benefits of massage during pregnancy

By: Bella Mama  06-Dec-2011
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"A pregnant woman carries within her the finest piece of jade. She should enjoy all things, look at fine pictures and be attended by handsome servants."

The Chinese Classic - Admonitions to the Ladies c.500BC

Massage helps keep you and your baby in optimum health during pregnancy.

Receiving massage treatments throughout your pregnancy is a wonderful way to nurture your own body as well as your baby within. As well as exercise and a nutritious diet, regular massage helps to keep you in optimum health, easing tension, reducing stress and preventing back pain, muscle aches and other common pregnancy discomforts including headaches and constipation. Receiving pregnancy massage also gives you the time and space to deeply relax and enjoy time with your baby.

Six important benefits of pregnancy massage include:

Enhances the health of you and your baby

Massage treatments have been proven to benefit all of your body's systems including muscular, circulatory, digestive and hormonal.  Improved circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells in your body and also that of your baby - nourishing the both of you. 

Eases pregnancy discomforts

Massage can soothe back and shoulder pain, pubic discomfort, sciatica, cramps, sore hips and aching legs.

Reduces swelling

Eases oedema in the legs, feet, hands and wrists.  Soothes the discomfort of varicose veins and achy joints.  Reduction in swelling, fluid retention and waste products also helps to improve your energy levels, making you feel less fatigued.

Increased relaxation and decreased stress levels

Pregnancy is a time of great change and this, along with fluctuating hormones and broken sleep can sometimes cause stress levels to rise.   This is ok as long as the stress is also balanced with time to relax and be nurtured.   Regular massage give you the space to deeply relax and rejuvenate and the time to enjoy your pregnancy and transition into motherhood.   Relaxed mama = happy baby!

Improves sleep and reduces depression

With an enhanced ability to deeply relax you may also notice that your sleep improves.   At Bella Mama we can also teach you the most comfortable and supportive sleeping positions during pregnancy.  Massage has also been documented to reduce the symptoms of depression in pregnant and post-natal women.

Prepares you for labour and birth

Approaching your baby's birth day, massage treatments will improve your flexibility and energy levels as well as helping you to develop mind/body awareness. This means that  you  become aware of where you are holding tension within your body and are able to consciously release it.  A essential skill in the birthing room.   A recent study also showed that massage from 36 weeks onward helped to increase the mothers levels of oxytocin (the mothering hormone) resulting in labours that were quicker with fewer complications both before and after birth.  Ask about our 'birth preparation ' massage treatments which include a special essential oil blend and acupressure points.

Pregnancy Massage Specialists.

It is important when having massage in pregnancy that you ensure that your therapist is properly trained and qualified in this specialist area.  Bella Mama therapists have extensive training and qualifications in pre and post natal massage both in NZ and the UK, making them experts in this field.

***Total Care Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage Package *** 

Includes three In Bloom Pregnancy and two New Bloom Post Natal massages plus a free Beautiful Belly Balm and      Post Natal Belly Wrap - $499 (Save $100)

Full Bloom Pregnancy Massage Experience with Beautiful Belly Balm - 75 mins


This is our signature pregnancy massage treatment and includes not only a full consultation and deeply relaxing massage but also a Sweet Feet Treat mini pedicure (foot soak, exfoliation, foot pumice and pressure point peppermint foot massage).  You also receive a pot of our luxurious Beautiful Belly Balm - made with shea and cocoa butters it's ideal to soothe the skin on growing tummies.   This is the ultimate pregnancy treatment, guaranteeing blissful relaxation - you deserve it!   * If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy you are welcome to swap the Belly Balm for our Beautiful Baby Massage Balm.

Full Bloom Pregnancy Package - Three Full Bloom Treatments and Belly Balm    $ 399

In Bloom Massage with Sweet Feet Treat - 75 mins $135

Includes an In Bloom Massage plus a soothing Sweet Feet Treat mini pedicure (exfoliation, foot pumice and peppermint pressure point foot massage). NB The Sweet Feet Treat can be swapped for a Jasmine and Sandalwood Mini Facial if preferred.

3 x In Bloom Massage and Sweet Feet Treat Package $369

In Bloom Pregnancy Massage  - 60 mins   $110           

A specialist aromatherapy massage that includes a full consultation and lavender foot soak.  Tailored to your needs this treatment can focus on achy backs and sore hips or just enjoy the full body experience.  You may also be given advice on comfortable sleeping postions as well as given gentle stretches to ease tension.

In Bloom Pregnancy Package - Three In Bloom Pregnancy Massages - $299

*In Bloom Pregnancy Reflexology - (60 mins) -  $110

Start by soaking your feet in a relaxing lavender foot bath .Then feel your tension melt away as you snuggle up in soft blankets while your feet are pampered with a spearmint pressure point Reflexology foot massage which is designed to rebalance and revitalise while leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed. This treatment is a wonderful way to prepare your body for birth. * Only available with Jo

3 x In Bloom Pregnancy Reflexology Package $299

"Amazing comfortable sleeping position recommended by Bella Mama. Why didn't I come earlier? Massage was beautiful and extremely relaxing.  Thanks x"    Rachel, 39 weeks



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