Bella Fuego: Pottery, Chimineas, Ceramic Fireplaces

By: Bella Fuego  06-Dec-2011

The chimenea is a free standing, wood burning ceramic fireplace. It is best displayed on a stand about 500mm off the ground so as to radiate heat at one's midriff area while seated near by. The outdoor fires are made with a special blend of stoneware clay which is made at the pottery. Each fireplace is unique and no two are exactly alike in design or color. All chimeneas are individually handcrafted in Matakana, New Zealand. Production is limited as all fireplaces are handmade - we are not a factory!

Will it break?

The ceramic material used in the manufacture of the chimenea is fired to extremely high temperatures, producing a hard durable product. The chimenea will not break as a result of normal use i.e. it is completely flameproof and weatherproof and given a minimum of care will provide years of enjoyment. (No hard knocks with heavy objects).

Is It Effective?

As a fireplace it is exceptionally heat efficient. In addition to the heat radiated from the mouth, heat is stored in the mass of the ceramic body and conducted to the surrounding air, even long after the fire has gone out.

Cleaning & Care

The ash left from a wood fire is minimal and so the chimenea only needs to be cleaned out occasionally. Any wood resin, or any liquid spillage onto the hot outside surface, can be rubbed off with household cleaner when cold.


Raku fireplaces are available at a slightly higher cost. These undergo a second firing using the Japanese technique of raku. These are subjected to 'fire magic' in this process, providing interesting 'reduction' effects.

Size & Weight

The chimeneas come in two sizes. The large is 600mm wide and 1.05m tall, and weighs about 55kg. The small chimenea is 500mm wide and 950mm tall, and weighs about 45kg. The chimeneas are made in two pieces with the chimney being removable. The dimensions given above include the chimney.

Pizza Ovens

Made of the same material as our chimeneas, our pizza ovens are designed to take high temperatures. They easily heated, taking only about half an hour to heat up and will hold the heat to cook a great pizza. They are made in one piece which makes them easy to transport.

Size & Weight

Dimensions are 800mm wide x 700mm high