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By: Beaumont and Bridgmount Optometrists  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Contact Lenses, Glaucoma, General Eye Examination

Beaumont and Bridgmount Optometrists, Dunedin » Services

General Eye Examination
Usually takes between 20 and 45 minutes

Glaucoma Screening
As a routine we measure the pressure of the fluid inside the eye and have a good look at the optic nerve head. A raised pressure is a risk factor in the development of Glaucoma. We have the latest technology to scan and detect any signs of damage of the optic nerve. This is a quick and comfortable test and part of the complete eye examination. To confirm any damage we may also check the peripheral vision, changes in which are indicative of glaucoma development.

Retinal Photography
Another service we provide at Beaumont and Bridgmount Optometrists is to take photographs of the back of the eye. We keep these on file as a permanent record so that we can check for any changes blood vessels inside the eye.

Visual Field Screening
A check on the peripheral vision can be part of a glaucoma check, but also used in the detection of space occupying lesions and detecting damage caused by a stroke

Contact Lens Fitting & Dispensing
Disposable contact lenses are mainly used nowadays due to there superior oxygen transmission. This means increased comfort, and less chance of long term complications happening to the cornea. Occasionally, some eye conditions do dictate that we have to use rigid, gas permeable lenses for more stable vision.

Provision of Spectacles
Spectacles can be dispensed for routine Long and Shortsightedness, as well as presbyopia (increased difficulty in reading). More specialized specatacles include low vision glasses, safety and prescription sunglasses.

Keywords: Contact Lenses, General Eye Examination, Glaucoma

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