ZennaE* Emotional Release

By: Spirited Ones Unite  07-Sep-2009
Keywords: Zennae

 ZennaE* is Step #2 of the Zenna Method.  ZennaE* Emotional Release is a powerful technique to release issues/emotions.  Once the issues/emotions are determined in the energy field, the work begins by clearing any deepseated fear based emotions.  ZennaE* helps to confront the fears, and felt as a natural part of being.  The fears are embraced and felt for what they are and released.

ZennaE* is effective for the release of most dehabilitating health issues eg. Cancer.  There is a well established link between emotional issues and health.  Poor health is the #1 result of  ignoring the messages of the body.

ZennaE* helps release deepseated emotions that holds most back from the quality of life everyone deserves.

Keywords: Zennae