ZennaA Chakra Assessment

By: Spirited Ones Unite  07-Sep-2009
Keywords: Zennaa

ZennaA is a measurement and assessment on the energy pattern/field of the body.  Health problems show up in the energy field long before appearing in the physical body. ZennaA can be accurate and can be done remotely.  ZennaA helps you to understand yourself and what is going on in your energy.  The results will astound you both in the accuracy and depth of the detail.   

Just imagine how your life might change if you were to know and release some of the ‘real’ programs running (ruining?) your life. ZennaA is all about finding ‘real’ answers to questions you thought could never be answered.  These questions are usually in regards to:
*  Health
*  Finances / Work
*  Relationships

The measurements include:
*  Checking the 12 chakra points to indicate whether they are open or blocked.  
*  If blocked, what type of blockage is present?
*  The blocked chakras are then tested as to what issues are currently active in them.
*  The percentage level a chakra is blocked - 0% to 100%.
*  Whether there is a risk of cancer or other serious health issue.

Keywords: Zennaa