The Zenna Method

By: Spirited Ones Unite  09-Sep-2009
Keywords: Healing, The Zenna Method, Zenna Healing,

The Zenna Method - The 21st Century Healing Modality for the Health and Wellness Industry.   Deterioration of the body has to start somewhere, it is the first sign that something is not right in ones life.  The combinations of ZennaA, ZennaE* and Zenna Healing, can combat ill-health by determining what, why and how? 

ZennaA is a assessment on the energy field surrounding the physical body.  Using a pendulum, emotional issues can be determined eg. anger, vocal anger and anxieties.  Health problems are evident in the energy field long before the actual physical health problem appears.  ZennaE* Emotional Release is a technique used to help release surface and deepseated emotions eg. an arguement with a loved one, quitting smoking, sexual abuse and cancer.   Zenna Healing is worked on anything from your common cold to detoxing the body of toxins and cancer.

As with any healing it is important to keep up good health with supplements, healthy food and exercise.  Treat your body with respect and give it a clean bill of health in mind, body and soul with The Zenna Method.

Keywords: Healing, The Zenna Method, Zenna Healing, Zennaa, Zennae,