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By: My Angel  05-Apr-2012
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Stillborn, but born, still - a poem written for Cody by Monique Reymer
Links to website that help with miscarriage, stillbirth, grief, etc
People often are not sure what to say after you have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth - and more often than not they say something that hurts and offends. Here are some classics, and some ways to cope with them..
Story of the birth of Angela, stillborn at 20 weeks
Story of the birth of Angela, stillborn at 20 weeks
A selection of poems for people who have lost babies due to stillbirth or pregnancy loss.
How to Clean Keepsake Jewellery
An article on how to correctly seal keepsake or cremation jewellery
How to Fill Cremation or Keepsake Jewellery with ashes or dirt.
Dont let them say I never lived, though something stopped my heart, I felt the tenderness you gave, I loved you from the start...
Angels from heaven are occasionally sent, But never awake its the way that its meant, They are given to parents who have shown there worth, But are taken away afore moment of birth..
Story of the birth of Julia Rose-Joy, stillborn at 26 weeks
Empty arms and an empty heart, My life feels so torn apart. It's not fair, she should be here, ..Oh no there goes another tear...
I'm just a precious little one who didn't make it there. I went straight to be with Jesus, but I'm waiting for you here...
They say there is a reason, They say that time will heal, But neither time nor reason, Will change the way I feel...
Feelings from a mum who lost 2 precious angels, Charlie and Ashleigh
Story of the birth of Kaleb Andrew, born at 35 weeks - 19/03/07-20/03/07 (Placenta Abruption)
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