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By: Livewires Automation  06-Dec-2011
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Why Call in a LabVIEW Consultant?

LabVIEW is such a vast programming language now that many engineers find it hard to keep up!  This is especially true if they spend a significant amount of time performing tasks other than programming.  This is where LabVIEW consultancy is a great idea.  Getting help from an experienced LabVIEW consultant relieves the pressure on your in-house engineers, freeing them to become more productive.

Problem - How to Assess a LabVIEW Consultant or Contractor?

It is very difficult for engineering companies to assess a LabVIEW consultant or contractor. 

  • LabVIEW programming requires a certain type of logical thinking and a CV will not tell you whether the programmer has this type of skill!
  • A string of previous contracts may look impressive, but the reality may be that one company after another may have become disillusioned in some way or another with the LabVIEW programmer.
  • A programmer who has apparently been programming in LabVIEW for, say, 5 years may have only done a few months of LabVIEW programming during that time.

Vast Difference in Skill Levels

One LabVIEW programmer may be several times more productive than another.  There are three factors here:

  • time taken to write code initially
  • time taken to test code
  • time taken to maintain code months or years into the future

The best programmers not only write their code efficiently and quickly, but it tends to be relatively bug-free so that testing is quicker and less painful, and the code is much easier to modify or maintain in the future.

Ways to Assess

Here are some things you can easily do to assess a LabVIEW consultant or contractor:

  • Speak to National Instruments about the programmer.  A programmer with even moderate experience is likely to be known by National Instruments UK Ltd, particularly by the NI sales representative who covers the area in which the LabVIEW programmer is based.

  • Ask to speak to users of the programs previously written by the individual.

Assess Us!

Feel free to investigate our level of expertise in the ways we have just described!  At LiveWires, we believe we can provide the best in LabVIEW consultancy.

Then Call Us In!

  • Modifications to and maintenance of existing systems
  • Start-up assistance - including useful tips-of-the-trade etc!
  • Troubleshooting - when you just can't get things to work properly
  • Advice on LabVIEW methodologies etc
  • Completion of programs after the original programmer has left your organisation

For excellence in LabVIEW consultancy, come to LiveWires!

Keywords: Labview Consultancy, Labview Programmer, Programming Language,

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