What is the Myshoppinggenie?

By: High Traffic Academy  12-Jan-2011
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What is the Myshoppinggenie?
It is a free application software that automatically finds the top search results based on price. When you go to your favorite search engine ie Google, Yahoo, Bing etc and type in a search phrase, the search engine typically finds you the results based on the search term only, and displays the results.

How does the Myshoppinggenie save me money and time?

The Genie refines that search to reveal the item searched based on price and location, so you instantly receive results showing you the best deal available at any given time in your location. The Genie saves users time and money because they don`t have to sift through hundreds of search results based only on keyword.

How can I make money from Myshoppinggenie?

Distributors give away the genie for free to users who can quickly install it on their computer and instantly start searching for the best deals. The distributors in turn, receive income from click, buy and lead generation while the users are undertaking price comparisons from the results delivered by the Genie.

Advertising with Myshoppinggenie

A little known fact about the myshoppinggenie toolbar is that you can customize it to show your own business branding . So when the genie loads up, it sits on top of all the search engines and advertises your business to your Genie users permanently, thus keeping your business profile in front of your target audience at all times. If they are using Google search, then the Genie is like being on page one of Google absolutely free. In fact as the provider of the Genie, you will ultimately receive income from the users you give the genie to, so it`s like being paid to be on the front page of Google!

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