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By: Artisan Supplies  05-Apr-2012

We have been importing stepper motor boards from China for a while now. These boards come in a variety of flavours and capabilities depending on the driver IC, number of channels and chip options utilised. As the boards are constantly evolving, no two ever seem to be the same.  However there are two basic boards, [..]

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Make sure to thoroughly clean the aluminum area you are repairing with. Alumaloy is a fluxless aluminum repair rod and is very user friendly. Alumaloy will solidify stronger than the aluminum you are repairing. Always keep flame in motion and use a neutral flame.


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However lets take a look at a specific type of probe thermometer, which is a one piece wide range thermometer, ideally suited for use in the food industry. We supply a number of different thermometers that would fall under the heading of probe thermometers. Essentially these thermometers consist of a bead.