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By: Arbor Care  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Stump Grinding, Crown Thinning


What we can do for you

Tree Pruning/ Maintenance

With our expertese and training we can ensure that your trees are keept in great condition

Crown thinning and/or lifting

Crown thinning is the selective removal of foliage, this can improve the penetration of light and sun to your property and gardens.  It can also improve the views from your property without the needing to remove the entire tree.
Crown thinning and lifting can add value and enhance the appeal of your property

Tree removal

With our skills in this area we can ensure the safe, efficient and damage-free removal of trees of any size.  We are highly experienced at confined space tree dismantling and crane work.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding removes trees stumps by grinding them to below the surface of the surrounding ground. We have a range of stump grinding machines that can grind stumps of any size in most locations.

Semi mature tree transplanting

From a small tree to a 30-ton specimen we have the skills, equipment and contacts to arrange and carry out this work.  There are many surviving examples round Tauranga City of large trees we have successfully transplanted.

Line Clearance

With specialist skills and equipment we can keep your trees away from overhead power lines and services.

Land Clearance

With a 7-ton excavator with a grapple or a bucket and a 4wd tractor with a grab we can provide all you landclearance needs.  Also available are a 15 inch chipper and a six wheeler truck with a 25 cubic metre chip bin.


From large development sites to infill housing projects we can supply comprehensive written reports for resource consent purposes. We can also provide:

  1. Health and safety reports with maintenance recommendations
  2. Evaluations and valuations
  3. Tree surveys
  4. Monitoring services
  5. Expert witness services

Whatever your tree, wherever it is, and whatever the issues, we will be able to provide services and advice to solve your tree problems.

Keywords: Crown Thinning, Stump Grinding