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By: Watchdog Security  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems can range from a basic keypad, to magnetic card readers, proximity devices all the way up to multi-door PC based systems providing total control and monitoring for protected areas of your premise. They can log who opened the door with a time/date stamp and even monitor if the door is left open too long.

Keypad Entry

A keypad entry system is probably the simplest and cheapest form of an Access Control System and provides access using a 4-6 digit pin code.

Card Access Systems

Card Access Systems require that anyone with authorised access to a particular area have a Swipe Card. Swipe cards require that the user swipe the card through the reader head to gain access. Some swipe systems incorporate a keypad for added security.

Proximity Readers

Proximity readers require the user waves their tag in front of a reader. Because there are no moving parts or slots that can be tampered with, proximity reader systems offer a great solution for protecting external doors. They are vandal resistant and in many cases the reader can be located within the protected premises, offering an even greater level of protection. The Tags themselves are reliable and can be attached to your key ring.

Intercom Systems

An Intercom system is one of the simplest ways to control who enters your property when you are there, as well as ensuring that the main entrance door is locked whenever you are away.

Systems range from the simple two-way telephone entry comprising of a front door station, lock release and handset, to the far more sophisticated multi-tenant Video Door Entry System.

Audio Door Entry Systems provide a two-way audio link between the premise and the front door/gate, allowing you to verify the identity of a caller before allowing access. Access is usually achieved by triggering a lock release or similar locking mechanism by simply pushing a button located on the telephone handset.

Video Door Entry Systems incorporate a miniature CCTV camera within the entrance station and monitors within the premise. Visitors can be identified both audibly and visually.

Keywords: Access Control Systems

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