Solid Impact Flow Meter

By: Si Lodec  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Conveyor Belt, Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Flow-Way  Solids Impact Flow Meter

Flo-Way meters are impact plate devices for measuring free flowing granular or powdered materials.  Material Flows down a tube and strikes an  impact plate that is supported by two single point suspension load cells.  The load cells measure only the horizontal component of the impact force.  Any material that builds up on the impact plate, therefore, has no effect on accuracy.  Impact forces are integrated over time providing flow rate, total weight accumulation and load (%) on the sensing plate.

Control Features

The Flo-Way system is easily calibrated in short tons or metric tons and includes an auto zero function.  A sophisticated microcomputer and four line by twenty character Vacuum Fluorescent display are housed in a NEMA 4X waterproof fiberglass enclosure.  An RS-232 serial port is included to interface to printers, computers, scoreboard displays, and data loggers. 

NETWORK Features

The Flo-Way is a stand alone complete system.  Each control includes a network interface that can be used to connect several flow meters to "Belt-Way" Conveyor Belt Scales.  A single network cable can connect every device to a computer for data collection.


Batch Control, P.I.D. Loop Control, and Blending is accomplished with the low cost I/O Option Board available with two or four channel 4-20 mA outputs.

Using the built in network and P.I.D. control loop, a controlled amount of ingredient may be added to material crossing a belt scale or material flowing through another flow meter.

Pre-feed Options

Granular or powdered material flows directly down the intake pipe striking an Impact Plate to measure force of material in the horizontal direction only. 

Keywords: Conveyor Belt, Vacuum Fluorescent Display

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The "Belt-Way" Network

The standard vacuum fluorescent display is easy to read and provides accumulated weight, current production rate, belt speed, and % load on the scale. Open Loop Blending - Use up to four analog outputs to control up to four ingredients added to the material crossing the belt scale. Drive a Chart Recorder - Use one of the analog outputs to record the actual rate crossing the scale on the chart recorder.