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By: Rotorua Health And Spa  06-Dec-2011
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Tone and lift your face naturally with the amazing technology of the 'Frequency Specific Microcurrent' and 'Galvanic Spa'.


(For Facial and Body Toning)

FSM is shown to be very effective in improving the way we look. The procedure eliminates many wrinkles associated with the ageing process and can improve skin tone and vitality. This is achieved using various programmed microcurrent frequencies to influence underlying muscle, fascia, lymphatic and circulatory systems. Whilst many problem areas can be specifically targeted this helps to restore the skin and underlying tissues to a more youthful vibrant state.

As we age many of the bodies systems become impaired. Skin looses elasticity and sags. Muscles shorten forming wrinkles and lines on the face. Circulation decreases causing malnourishment of skin and sub-dermal layers. By directly targeting these systems with microcurrent frequencies we enhance their re-generation and restore homeostasis. The effects can be startling, as the face regains a more youthful vibrant state.

FSM is extremely useful in weight loss also as you can use microcurrent to target underlying tissues contributing to the weight and directly target fat cells and cellulite.

At Rotorua Health and Spa we combine the FSM and Galvanic Spa to provide the optimal and amazing results.

Keywords: Spa

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You can also purchase from our range of Natural Health products and for our Naturopathic clients you are able to re order your Practitioner only Nutritional Supplements which we will courier out to you for your convenience. We have been involved in Natural Health for over 20 years and with our experience we bring you the best in Natural Therapies available and source the finest nutritional supplements and Body therapy products.



After a shower it's into the massage room for a Detox clay wrap using the extremely cleansing and drawing effect of French Argiletz clay or the drawing and healing effect of Rotorua Mineral mud. Start with some lymph drainage before entering the infra red sauna where you will eliminate a large amount of toxins with perspiration.


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After the Naturopathic consultation there will be a treatment on the Frequency Specific Microcurrent which will target the most appropriate areas e.g. Lymphatic's, liver, body fat, digestion, chemical toxicity, parasites etc. Your Detox Day begins at 9am with a range of specialised tests to help determine types and levels of toxicity, followed by a consultation with Annette Charles Naturopath.