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By: Plascon  06-Dec-2011


Our products are the highest quality. We hand manufacture each and every one of our products using a highly skilled and experienced team whose passion lies in producing a high quality product for the end user. With over 14 years experience in plastic inflatables manufacturing, we stand by our processes, materials, and products.

Unfortunately we do not sell our products. If you would like information as to how you can obtain one of our high quality globes, please contact .

Some of our key products:

HYDRO globe

The HYDRO globe is a double-sphere inflatable that can be used on both land and water. Manufactured from TPU, the HYDRO is one of the most common products to leave our factory.

The HYDRO is popular due to its wide range of applications. The HYDRO can be used on both land and water, although we modify the HYDRO for use on water to ensure the safety criteria are met.

The primary use for our HYDRO products once they leave the factory have been at


's specially designed sites for us in their ride, the "ZYDRO" (water filled). These devices are a common sight at all


sites and are easily identified by their non-harness inner sphere which enables participants to move freely within.

The second most popular application has been for corporate clients around the world for their promotional, advertising, and marketing campaigns. The HYDRO's ability to be used on land provides for an exciting and truly unique way for a company to showcase its brand or launch a new product to market. It can be used for interactive activities or simply as a static, yet eye catching display.

Over our 14 years of operation, we have manufactured a number of HYDRO globes for numerous global clients. For more information on some of the promotional campaigns we have provide HYDRO globes please visit our Promotions Page.


Our HARNESS globe is the more complex and sophisticated of our products. Similar in design to the HYDRO, the HARNESS differs in that it has a specially designed safety harness enclosed within the inner sphere.


The ZURF and ZYLINDER are one of our newest products we manufacture. Using the same technology and design as our globes, PLASCON has created the ZURF and ZYLINDER. These products are both a large inflatable, open-ended cylinder that can be utilised on either land (ZYDLINDER) or water (ZURF).

The ZURF is specially designed for use on sheltered bodies of water such as lakes, pools, estuaries and calm beaches. It can hold up to 3 people and provides hours of entertainment both for those using it and those watching.

The ZYLINDER is the land-based version of the ZURF. Like the ZURF, it holds up to three people and is a simple way to entertain people of all ages on flat ground. It requires no hill and is great for corporate events or land-based promotions.

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