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By: Canmap Hawley  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Land Development, Mapping

At the core of our services is our unique ability to capture the physical real world information, and apply this to your specific needs – whether it be for land development planning, construction, policy development, Waitangi Claims, market analysis, or some other purpose.
Development opportunities can be maximized by applying knowledge and development experience, while acknowledging environmental constraints. We know the requirements of territorial (City and District) and regional Councils. Canmap Hawley support their clients’ projects by providing specialist services in land use planning, subdivision design and surveying. Often working within a project team comprising specialists, we ensure that the client will benefit from the right advice at the right time. This will promote a successful outcome. Key Benefits – we are trusted advisors, use the certified management systems ISO9000:2008, experienced and up to date professionals, have commitment to communication so that the client remains in control of their project, are committed to sustainable solutions – economically efficient, environmentally smart, socially responsible, balance the needs of private land owners and business with the requirements of government bodies.
Realising value through boundary definition, subdivision and mapping is a core service. Obtaining resource consents, providing policy support, and defining rights to water and access, are ways we further maximise the value of your land.
We support innovative developments that are sustainable. Specialist knowledge of tourism and conservation planning and management ensures a response that is closely aligned to business objectives and supported by expertise in environmental and resource planning, spatial information and land development. Key Benefits – knowledge and experience, having a base in Rotorua – a world leader in eco-tourism and cultural tourism.
Management and development of a forestry asset is dependant on accurate knowledge of the resource, including spatial information and definition of legal rights. From mapping, photography and compartment identification, through to defining rights of access, lease areas and land ownership, our objective is to provide certainty to investors so long term returns from the asset can be realised.
We carry out Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) mapping of forests to create shape files (shp) for upload to the Ministry of Forestry (MAF) website.
Key Benefits – knowledge and experience, having a base in Rotorua – a world leader in forestry research and development.
Maori land has particular challenges when it comes to ownership information sources. From research and evidence for the Waitangi Tribunal, through to hapu partition, we recognize the interest value of maori land and the special relationships with the land.
A keystone of the New Zealand economy is primary production. Added value processing and manufacturing is the focus of a large number of small to medium businesses. Their ability to establish, efficiently operate and comply with regulatory and industry requirements, and to generate local wealth is fundamental to the future of our communities. Canmap Hawley provides a key role to business and local authorities in the identification of suitable land for new businesses and the development of business friendly environmental policies.
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Keywords: Land Development, Mapping